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28th Jul
video editing Chicago

Video Editing Jargon

Video editing is a complicated ballgame that makes the Chicago Cubs seem like child’s play. That is why hiring the best video editing company that…

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21st Jul
Chicago media production

Virtual Reality Changing Advertising Media Production

With the escalating evolution of media production in Chicago and around the world, new concepts are constantly being introduced into the industry to boost quality,…

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18th Jul
Video Production Chicago

Framing the Action with Video Production

Framing is an integral part of video production. Chicago is full of action, ready to be filmed, and the art of composition can completely alter…

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14th Jul
media training

Media Training Faux Pas to Avoid

Media Training Interviews can be quite scary; they are often in a foreign environment with a lot of pressure on you. An underprepared person can…

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7th Jul
video editing

The Anatomy of Color Correction in Video Editing

What is color correction? Colors play a vital role in videos and images, colors can define the time of day, what season it is, or…

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