Monthly Archives: January 2018

26th Jan
training videos

What Makes A Good Training Video

Making a training video must be a simple task, right? It is merely putting together necessary learning material in a visual format. It is up…

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22nd Jan
digital video production

The Increasing Move Toward Digital Video Productions

There has been a transition towards digital video production over recent years. There have been many statistics that show the popularity of videos amongst people…

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17th Jan
media production

How Google’s Video Preview Affects Your Media Production

The internet is buzzing with news of Google’s new video preview function. We’ve all searched for a video and clicked on one thinking it had…

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5th Jan
branding videos

Improve Storytelling for More Effective Branding Videos

Branding and marketing use a number of techniques to strengthen the brand of a business. Storytelling allows your clients feel connected to the company on…

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