Monthly Archives: May 2018

25th May
making a TV series

What You Need to Know When Making a TV Series

Gone are the days where making a TV series included enlisting B-list celebrities, poor scripting and budget video effects. The world of film has become…

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18th May
production services

Common Problems with DIY Production Services

We are undoubtedly living in a DIY age where we are encouraged to do it all ourselves, no matter what ‘it’ is – but one…

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11th May
corporate product launch

Get Your Newest Product Noticed With A Corporate Product Launch Video

Launching a new product is not an easy task for many companies. It can be a stressful and trying time because if you aren’t careful…

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4th May
location scouting

Location Scouting: Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Production

Productions can range from jet setting stops to different cities or countries or it could be an opportunity to find the perfect scene, closer to…

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