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29th Jun
sound design

The Wonderful World Of Sound Design

Sound design is an essential part of video production. From the shortest commercial to film, the use of sound is directly linked to their success….

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22nd Jun
video producer

A Day In The Life Of A Video Producer

Video producers wear many hats. They are a crucial part in the video production phase and often manage everything from pre-production to post-production to ensure…

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15th Jun
making a commercial

Behind The Scenes Of Making A Commercial

Even though commercials are only 30 seconds long, they need to capture your attention and relay a memorable message. These short bites of information may…

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8th Jun
video post-production

What Can and Can’t Be Corrected in Video Post-Production

“Just fix it in post”, is something you’ve probably heard in movies, or on some of your favorite reality shows. While what can be achieved…

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5th Jun
Corporate video production

Effective Corporate Video Production That Gets Your Message Understood

Any thriving business should already be interested in corporate video production. The ability to professionally release a professional, well edited, and distinct corporate video can…

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1st Jun
reality tv shows

How to Pitch or Sell Your Reality TV Show

Getting your break in this entertainment industry has always been difficult. With almost every channel running their own reality TV shows, pitching your idea for…

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