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22nd Mar
Commercial Video Production

The Art Of Commercial Video Production

The nature of commercials has changed drastically over the years. Gone are the days where the whole family sits together at the dinner table before…

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15th Mar
video production

Documentaries vs Journalism Video Production

The debate as to whether or not documentaries are a form of journalism has raged for a long time. There are obvious similarities between “traditional…

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25th Jan
Prop Master

Why Your Production Needs A Prop Master

A prop master, formally known as a Property Master, is responsible for the procurement, production, maintenance and inventory of all props that are used within…

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11th Jan
Video Production Company

Why A Video Production Company Must Know The Latest Trends

The age of technology has ushered in a new era for the video production process. So many changes have taken place with huge developments in…

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28th Dec
set designer

The Role Of A Set Designer

The video production process can be challenging one as it requires many people to work together to bring about a single vision. The production team…

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21st Dec
directing services

Keep Shoot Day Scheduling A Breeze With Directing Services

Shooting a film, whether it’s a big feature film or a short YouTube video, takes a lot of admin and scheduling abilities. At The Michael…

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26th Oct
Branding Videos

The Art Of Creating Successful Branding Videos

Video is often one of the easiest formats to create compelling brand engagement. This effective medium allows you to connect with your audience in a…

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19th Oct
Video Post-Production

Video Post-Production – The Importance Of Music

Music is an integral part in the creation of a video or a story. It helps to tie in a message or idea without having…

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12th Oct

Video Production Services in A TV Series

With the announcement of a new DIY Network television show called “Philly Revival”, we take a behind the scenes look at what services go into…

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21st Sep
Marketing Video Production

Break In Your Marketing Video Production Plans

In our fast-paced world people today are busy and not getting any less busy. They cannot find the time to page through newspapers or magazines…

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14th Sep
Video Production

Transform Your YouTube Channel With Professional Video Production

Social Media, especially YouTube, has taken the world by storm and like it or not, it’s here to stay. Using YouTube to your advantage can…

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17th Aug
Video production companies

The All In One Video Production Company

The common misconception about video production companies is that they only offer post production services for large video productions, and this is simply not the…

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