Advertise your Business with Media Production

chicago-media-productionBusiness marketing has come a long way since the early days of print ads and catchy slogans. In keeping with this progress, media production has emerged as the newest industry specialized towards bringing your company to the masses. Across the globe, more and more companies are taking advantage of the various innovative marketing opportunities available through a diverse set of vehicles, each capable of promoting your brand by via unique strengths and applications. Take a minute to consider the benefits media production can offer your business.

Easily the most recognizable form of media marketing, commercials constitute the bread and butter of the advertising world. Quality commercials provide the broadest means for fulfilling most advertising needs. Commercials are therefore considered the primary tool for:

  • Creating and reinforcing brand recognition
  • Motivating your business to consumers over and above competing brands
  • Creating the opportunity for consumers to learn more about your business
  • Helping customers locate your business, be it physical (nearby branches) or digital (websites and online stores)
  • Tailoring your brand image towards a particular demographic or target audience (specialization or generalization)
  • Reinforcement – well-placed commercials  

Product Overviews
In contrast to the more brand-oriented focus you find with other marketing media, product overviews aim to provide insightful, in-depth information on the products and services offered by your company. They offer the advantage of being more detail-orientated and descriptive, designed for informing the customer rather than simply captivating them. Research trends suggest that informed customers are far more likely to pick products they recognize over unfamiliar competitors – meaning good product awareness is directly linked to increased sales. Further product overview positives include:

  • Highly informative and educational
  • Visual presentations provide a more hands-on experience
  • Demonstrates professionalism and confidence in your product
  • Effective tool for boosting sales

Corporate Videos
Corporate videos cover a wide range of media produced for different purposes, but typically directed towards select audiences or environments. The specific nature of corporate videos allows them to be effectively tailored to achieve the task at hand. These include promotional videos for clients, video presentations for new or existing investors, product launches or development announcements, and testimonial reels from satisfied customers. Corporate videos are great for distinguishing your unique company image from competitors, whilst testimonials help to showcase reliability and foster trust.

Viral Marketing
The new kid on the block, viral marketing is an exciting and groundbreaking way to market your brand in the fastest way possible. The idea is simple: create a fun, unique video capable of being shared amongst consumers online. In short, it’s like a commercial you can (and want) to show your friends. Perhaps the greatest strength viral videos have to offer is that, to the consumer, it doesn’t actually feel like an advert. The primary focus of the viral video is its entertaining content – with the added bonus that your brand publicity gets boosted every time a user clicks share. Other benefits include:

  • Providing direct access to a variety of social networks and similar sites
  • Acting as a digital word of mouth
  • Highly creative – the least formulaic and restrictive of the media production family
  • Self-reflective – the nature of sites like YouTube and Facebook means you can track (in real-time) just how many customers your video is reaching (some even provide opportunities for demographic analyses)

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