The Five Key Elements in Making a Successful Corporate Video Production in Chicago

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Corporate video production can be used for many reasons. Corporate Videos are successful vehicles for making an executive announcement, providing a corporate history, launching a product, or illustrating a mission statement.

In order to make a successful corporate video the piece must be engaging and compelling. It must have a stylish or modern vibe, but not be distracting to the viewers. In other words it must be creative, but on point.

Here are 5 key elements for making a successful corporate video that will help deliver your message in an effective way:

Determine the Audience — Who are you making your corporate video for? Employees? New employees? Customers? Once you determine who your target audience is, you will better be able to define your message and determine the best way of presenting your message.

Make An Emotional Connection — The best way to reach your target audience is to present your message in a way that produces an emotional response. Studies show that people are more likely to relate to a product or a service, if they feel an emotional connection to it. If you are able to reach people on an emotional level, you will have a better chance at hitting the mark with your corporate video production.

Use Pictures to Deliver Your Message — Rather than delivering a lot of facts or statistics in your video, you should try to engage the audience with visuals. Instead of explaining how to operate your product, show people. Instead of explaining to a new employee how to use a certain piece of equipment, show them. With the use of creative imagery, you will be able to show even the non-obvious benefits of a product. For example, how a new food product will make a person feel, or what a pair of shoes does for a person’s confidence.

Focus on Your Audience — It is also important to create a corporate video production that is written entirely with your target audience in mind. It should be written for the target audience and about the target audience. While you might be proud of your company’s background or processes, if that information is not imperative to your message to your target audience, it should not be included in the video. Ask yourself what your target audience really wants to hear about? What information do they want to know? Do not make a corporate video that includes information you want them to know, but rather focus on the information that you think they want to know. Corporate videos should be relatable in order to hit their mark.

Transparency is Key — The Internet has changed the way companies do business. In today’s world, there is a high level of transparency with the most successful companies. In addition to grabbing your target audience’s attention and show casing your message, you might also want to share a little about your company. If your core values have shaped your business plan and the products or services that you provide, share a little about how this has changed your company for the better and how it affects your audience. Make a connection with your target audience that will keep them coming back to you.

Corporate video productions can be successful vehicles for your business, playing many different kinds of roles. It is imperative to include some key elements in your corporate video in order to maximize the benefits.