5 Online Project Management Tools for Corporate Video Production


When it comes to corporate video production, Chicago production company, The Michael Group, knows how difficult the project management process can become – especially when working with remotely based team members and clients. That is why we have brought you 5 online project management tools for corporate video production that Chicago corporate video production teams should know about. Without the experience of well-established production companies by your side, you may find one of these tools invaluable to your project management process.

#5. ProofHub:
ProofHub is the place where you can organize and manage your project in the most efficient way possible. Your team can come together (no matter how remote) to begin planning, organizing their work and ensuring timely delivery of your project by using the many project management tools offered through ProofHub. With tools such as calendar, timesheets, Gantt charts, notes, to-dos and discussion areas you and your team can effectively manage and control the project process through online collaboration.

#4. Gorilla:
As one of the most comprehensive project management tools available it is easy to see that Gorilla was created specially for film and video production as it allows for script management, crew task and scheduling and overall production management. Added bonuses are the ability to create storyboards and the capacity to track and manage production expenses. Gorilla does not work with cloud-based storage but when you invest in Gorilla it is yours to keep for a once off fee.

#3. Smartsheet:
Reinforced by their tagline “The work collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes” Smartsheet aims (and succeeds) at making team collaboration and management a more efficient process than ever before. The keyword behind Smartsheet is ease as it strives to make everything from spreadsheets to attaching files to visualizing projects as easy to understand and use as possible.

#2. ProofHQ:
If you are looking for a super streamline and effective method of design review and approval then look no further than ProofHQ for your corporate video production projects. As many project managers know one of the most frustrating procedures is the review and approval process. This software allows for a fast and easy way to manage content review and approval within a project. Another great point to note is the ability of this software to integrate with other leading applications such as Basecamp, SharePoint, Xinet and Adobe Creative Suite.

#1. Scenios:
The beauty behind Scenios is that it is has been created by people who understand what a production company needs. From pre-production through postproduction when it comes to collaborative video project development Scenios handles it all. Using this tool you are able to write scripts, build schedules, create and share spreadsheets, documents and callsheets, build budgets and even review videos! Owing to cloud accessibility you are also able to sync everything to your desktop and archive your entire project.

At the end of the day, however, nothing beats years of project management experience. Thus when it comes to corporate video production, Chicago native – The Michael Group – is your one stop shop in achieving efficient and professional corporate video production and management.

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