How to Create Corporate Videos with Professional Video Production


The future of video production in Chicago is with the Michael Group, a full service media company that will guide you through the video production process from start to finish. Not only can our experienced and knowledgeable company produce any type of video project, we also can offer tips and guidelines that will help companies navigate through the video production experience.

Tips for Corporate Videos

When looking to produce a corporate video — to make an executive announcement, a training video or a company-wide policy change — there are several different online tools a company can use to help with project management.

These online tools include: ProofHub, Gorilla, Smartsheet, ProofHQ, and Scenios. These different online tools will help ensure your video production project in Chicago stays organized and on schedule. They can help you track and manage production expenses, simplify the process by making it easier to visualize the project, streamline the method used to review the video production design and help to build schedules and write scripts.

Tips for Producing a Viral Video

Everyone would like to create a video production that goes viral. The words “viral video” are definitely buzz words in video production in Chicago and around the world. Here are few things to consider when attempting to produce a video that will become an online sensation.

  1. To the Point — be sure to grab your audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds of the video.
  2. Know the Market — Who is your target audience? Once you have identified the audience, make sure the video is on point to something which your target audience can identify.
  3. Make it Different — While you want your viral video to be current and relevant, it should be produced in a way that showcases something new and different.
  4. Use Emotion — Whether it makes your audience cry or laugh — will help you engage the audience and keep them hooked.
  5. Use Professionals — The Michael Group are video production specialists in Chicago. They are the future of video production and will help you get exactly what you need from a video project, whether you are looking to sell a project or service, make an announcement, or for public relations.

Tips for Post Production

Video Production is done in three steps: Pre-production, production and post-production. While all steps are important, the magic often happens in the post production phase. A great video will use many different editing tools in order to make the video project more effective.

Here are just a few suggestions when in the post production phase:

Use Color — Enhanced color can make the footage more powerful and help sharpen your message.

Use Sound — Using sound controls effectively during the post-production phase will enhance your video, whether you are adding music to convey emotion or using controls to normalize, equalize or compress and expand the levels.

Keep Clips Short — Don’t show one clip for too long. Your viewers want to be engaged and not bored by the video. Keep in mind how altering the length of clips will affect the mood of the video you are producing.

When in doubt, turn to the professionals for video production in Chicago. The Michael Group has been producing award-winning, effective video projects for years and we are looking forward to working with you.

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