How Google’s Video Preview Affects Your Media Production

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The internet is buzzing with news of Google’s new video preview function. We’ve all searched for a video and clicked on one thinking it had the information we were looking for. We were faced with disappointment when finding out that the video was not at all what we were looking for. Now Google has a solution. Here’s more about Google’s new video preview and the effects it has on media production.

What Is Google’s New Video Preview?

Google has made finding the right video for you even easier. When searching for a video, Google will play a silent 6-second clip of the video you’re interested in. This will allow you to see if the video is appropriate or not. It will help make video searching more efficient and will save a lot of time.

The new function uses an algorithm that will select the 6 seconds of you video that it finds the most relevant. It will use this in the preview. The issue with this is that the preview function doesn’t show you the preview of the answer to your query. The snippet remains the same for all videos no matter the query entered into the search bar.

All videos on the internet are supported by this function. However, some of the newer videos might not be. Initially only English will be supported but Google hopes to include other languages as time goes on. It will only be available on Android for now but will be available on IOS in the future. It will be enabled if you are connected to the WIFI and can be easily disables if you feel the need to.

How Does This New Function Affect Your Media Production?

This new function will mean that your branding videos will be watched by more people if it is relevant to title. IF someone searches for something and your video shows up, you want that individual to get the exact information they are looking for. Relevance is very important and it will be even more important with the implementation of this function.

Relevance is key in insuring that your video remains at the top of the search results. Being relevant will not only ensure that your video pops up when the topic is searched but it will also ensure that more people actually watch your video and find what they are looking for. This could increase the chance of your video going viral. This will make your video appear more trustworthy and reliable. People are more likely to watch future videos if they find exactly what they were looking for. Your audience will grow and so will your brand.

Because the function uses the most relevant 6 seconds as the preview, you would need to make sure that the algorithm will be able to find something in your video. Stick to a specific idea or concept in each video so that the preview represents the rest of the video well. Specificity is key.

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