Marketing Your Business through Video Production

Marketing video production chicago

In Chicago there is no better way to market your business than by using video production. Everyone uses the internet hundreds of times a day in many different ways and using many different devices. On average we watch approximately 180 videos (news, cat videos, celeb videos, or funny fail videos to name a few) or more each month. It has been projected that by 2017 video will account for more than 65% of internet traffic.

Using video marketing is the best way to engage people and prospective clients, in a manner that photo’s can’t. A picture may be worth a 1000 words but a video makes it personal – people see what your business is about, they hear stories backed by an image, and these stories stay with them.

Video will become a vital means for people to sate their curiosity or entertainment needs. To keep up with the changing trends, you need to include videos as a crucial chunk of your marketing strategy. Successfully marketing your video relies on the basic A.I.D.A principle. You need to attract potential customers with your video. This creates an interest in your product/service. To keep your product/service interesting it needs to be shown to the right target market. By appealing to your specified target market, you will create a desire for this for this specific product/service, and this will create the call to action, which is when your potential customer responds and purchases your product/service.

Video marketing captivates potential customers and, unlike print media, tends to leave a long lasting impression. Using humor can be a fantastic way to achieve this, as people will share videos they find funny with family and friends on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or they might even email it to their colleagues. This will create brand awareness for your product/service, but remember that this can also be risky, as you do not want to offend any specific group of people with your humor.

By using videos there are many simple things you can do to attract potential customers. You can use these videos to exhibit your product or service; this is the perfect show and tell. You’ll bring your product/service to life in a manner that will stay with your target market. Make use of customer testimonials and have them explain why your product/service is so fantastic. You’ll see many infomercials where members of staff are introduced – this simply highlights your dedication to a satisfactory customer experience by showing the world what type of staff you employ.

Key things you need to remember when marketing your business is to keep your videos simple. Don’t over complicate things that will also eventually cause your video to come in way over budget. Have fun creating the video as it will be showcasing something you love and are passionate about. Most of all – do not stuff the video with too much information, as your potential consumer isn’t going to remember every bit of information; stick to the essentials. A good thing to do would be to release weekly content videos explaining different aspects of your business and opening your videos to questions and comments, which you’ll reply to in the following week’s video.

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