Do You Need Media Training?

Chicago Media Training

Media Training is a Vital Tool

For any company or person who is constantly in the media, media training is very important. It means the difference between a successful interaction during an interview or a disastrous one. Media training helps you answer the questions being posed while aiding the listeners in fully understanding what you are saying, and thereby keeping the audience interested.

If you or your company is in the eye of the ever-critical media, whether visual or written, undertaking media training is a no brainer. It is an incredible qualification to have in business, and the skills learnt will greatly boost you and your businesses’ image.

A great, but often overlooked, aspect of media training is how it works to improve media relations between you, your company, and various key players of the media industry, and ultimately your clients as a whole. Even if you are an individual who would like to do media training in your personal capacity, it can be a life-altering investment which will help you to communicate better and polish those all-important inter-relational skills – a valuable and noted asset in the workplace and professional world.

The media training that The Michael Group offers can help in a vast array of areas. From wardrobe tips and use of body language, as well as controlling your voice and getting your message across in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Our media training runs for a half day or full day workshop, and includes the following:

  • Strengthening of communication Skills
  • Develops comfort in dealing with reporters and producers
  • Improves your wardrobe and use of make-up to your advantage
  • Showing you how to interact with media professionals to become a valuable resource while still putting your business or group in the best light
  • Being comfortable with a teleprompter, earpiece and microphone
  • And master all types of interview situations

Another area where this training proves valuable is in the realm of crisis training. Crisis management is a pivotal part of any business, and how a company deals with a crisis can either be its’ strength or its’ weakness. The Michael Group will help in crisis management training as part of their media training package. We will help with Pre- as well as Post- crisis management.

The pre- crisis management entails establishing a communications team, conducting a vulnerability audit, learning to monitor feedback, and having a Dark Website in place. The Post –crisis leg of the training will help you and your business to learn how to act fast, how and when to reach out to stakeholders, appreciating that every interview conducted by your company representative(s) counts, as well as understanding that to show concern is the best course of action.

As we have pointed out, media training is all about public relations and crisis management. The Michael Group not only helps with the above-mentioned skills necessary for CEO’s, executives, and celebrities, but is also recommended for all staff in the company or group.