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Montages and Video Post Production in Chicago

A montage is the technique of selecting, editing and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole. Our video post production team in Chicago is supremely aware of the impact that a short motivating video montage can produce. With the advent of social media, where a video can be shared in seconds, this method of communication is becoming the fastest way to engage with millions of people. The most effective montage will use the shortest time to convey the deepest message. The purpose is to elicit more than just a reaction from the viewer. The purpose is to get a response, the information is shared, the product is desired, the cause is united. But how is this all achieved through a simple montage? Here are our top montage tips to get you started:

A Compelling Story
People want to feel connected, and it’s no secret that stories connect us. Cultures may differ, however deep down we all have hearts that beat, we were all born and we will all die… we all have a story and we all have the ability to connect with someone else’s story. A montage can tell a story in a few minutes using simple images which evoke strong human emotions that will stimulate the most response.

A Clear Message
Knowing exactly what message is being sent is vital. Authentic, honest and straightforward words are the best to use. The media carries the power and the responsibility to create a better world. Integrity is a mark of respect for the consumer. Text used in the form of subtitles and brand names must be minimal and eye catching. When the text is integrated into the montage, and only pertains to the subject, the literate viewer has no option but to read the message.

People always want to relate, and feel part of the greater whole, and at the moment montages that appeal to our relationship with people, animals, and the natural world are becoming increasingly popular. Creating a video that inspires a relationship between the viewer and the marketer motivates ongoing interest in the product.

Music, Colors, and Symbols
These are all major elements of what is called nonverbal communication. This type of communication is one which can bypass the conscious mind and appeal directly to deeper parts of the brain. Music is a universal language that crosses many barriers, as are colors. Emotions like nostalgia and deja vu are very subtle, and also very powerful and can be triggered through the use of symbols, music and color. All these elements are key factors when it comes to creating the perfect montage.

Rhythm and Pace
Even if the montage is only a few minutes long, pace is extremely important. Every image or video clip must be exposed for the right amount of time, creating a balance that will captivate the target audience. The rhythm that is created by an excellent combination of flowing images will excite and inspire the viewer.

Art and Practice
Some people are born with a natural artistic talent and with training, and practice develop a unique style. They inherently know how to put images, music and words together. Others who have enough enthusiasm can apply solid principles to the making of montages and develop a grace of their own. Professionals who have been in the video production world come with the experience in art and practice of creating that perfect balance. Allow us to help you create your montage and get your message heard!

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