Media Training Services

Through our Media Training you will learn how to develop your message, then deliver it in a way that is both compelling and thought provoking in a manner that is confident and relaxed.

Our training sessions are designed to assist any kind of professionals such as CEO’s, Business Executives, Celebrities, and Chefs. We help shape the skills needed for presentations, public speaking, interviews, and on-camera appearances.
The Michael Group teaches how to use body language to your advantage with additional tips on wardrobe and makeup. You’ll learn to control your message with techniques that can turn your answers into solid sound bites or quotes. We’ll show you how to take control of any interview situation and respond to even the most contentious questions with positive “on message” answers. These techniques can be applied for use in TV, Print, Radio, and New Media.
By mastering the most important secrets of media interviews, you will become more confident, relaxed and persuasive, so you can get the exact message you want into media stories. Your individual or group sessions will be videotaped for critiquing purposes and final delivery.

Our full and half day workshops include tips and guidance on how to:
  • Strengthen communications skills
  • Develop comfort in dealing with reporters and producers
  • Improve your wardrobe and use makeup to your advantage
  • Interact with media professionals to become a valuable resource while still putting your business or group in the best light
  • Be comfortable with a Teleprompter, earpiece and microphone
  • Master all types of interview situations

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