Satellite & Radio Media Tours

Want to make a big splash with your PR and marketing campaigns?

Then satellite or radio media tours are just for you. These tours, on radio or on TV via satellite uplink, can reach millions of viewers and listeners during the course of just a few hours. Authors, artists, executives and spokespersons are among those who are often featured to promote an event, product, movie, and book release, just to name a few. The Michael Group has a wide range of experience with both RMT’s and SMT’s. We know how to help shape your message for both mediums, how to book appearances in markets all across the country, and how to manage the event as it’s happening. We can also produce Video News Releases and B-Roll packages and soundbites to accompany your SMT. Call us today for more information how an SMT or RMT could add value to your PR and marketing campaign.

We offer complete SMT and RMT services including:
  • Research
  • Story Development
  • Pitching
  • Production and Reporting

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