Scripting and Writing for Video Production

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Quality content is the number one thing to watch out for in the video production process. The key document will therefore be the script, which describes everything the viewer will see and hear. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in the very best writers and editors in order to ensure the success of your video. The following tips are helpful in transforming a good script into a great one.

Have a broad idea
In starting to lay out the framework for the video you want to make, it is useful to keep in mind aspects such as who the audience is, what the key messages are, where your video will be seen, what the style of your video is etc. This will help you to retain your overall perspective when you are diving into the specifics and the intricate details of the script. In addition you should also keep sight of the story arc, which needs to include a climax and a resolution.

Show, don’t tell
In considering the content of your video, it is important to focus on the visual aspects. It is better to show that a character is feeling ecstatic rather than to have them declare their happiness aloud.

Stay true to yourself
Don’t ever try and imitate someone else’s work. It is important for writers to find their own voice, and once you find yours, to always keep on developing it. The reality with writing is that you will never become a master of your craft as writing is something that can always be improved upon. However, you can get close by constantly building on the skills you already posses

Remember your five W’s
Those five W’s (what, where, when, why, and who) you learned in school may not have been for nothing. As you approach each scene it is important that you address these questions depending on whether or not they are relevant to the particular storyline.

Timing is everything
The content of your video should be enough to fill the time. Depending on the type of video you are making, it is best to keep them as short as possible. Long, stretched-out videos often result in viewers losing interest.

Never stop learning
It is necessary to immerse yourself in the script you are writing. This is true for both the content contained in the script as well as the type of script (e.g. dramatic, informational). This means reading up on as much as you can on the art of storytelling, plotting dialogue etc. as well as the content that is being covered in your video e.g. reading up on the time period in which your story is set. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, always remain on the lookout for material that will help you tell your story.

Lastly it is important to realize that your first draft will always be in need of some fine-tuning. Good ideas don’t always come at once. Take some time to think and reconsider aspects of your script that you are not 100% happy with. Scripting, like all other forms of art, takes time.

The Michael Group excels in this area of video production and will help you incorporate all of these tips while writing your script.

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