The Power of the Story in Video Marketing

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Storytelling and Marketing Video Production Chicago

As marketing video production experts in Chicago, we understand the power of storytelling. Think about some of your favorite brands. What is the story they tell through their marketing videos? Do their advertisements instill a sense of youthful exuberance, or do they inspire your trust and confidence?

Even if you’re not aware of it, it’s likely that your preferred products have great marketing campaigns that utilize storytelling. These kinds of advertisements not only expose customers to products or services, but also encourage a certain lifestyle, ethos, or attitude.

But how does storytelling do this, and how can you utilize it in your own marketing videos?

Winning Hearts and Minds
Stories are a fundamental part of the human experience. From fairytales to television series, stories capture our imaginations, evoking thoughts and feelings.

One of the most powerful effects of narrative is its ability to rouse our empathy, especially for characters with whom we can identify. In fact, numerous studies show that storytelling affects our brains, stimulating areas that are dormant when we deal only with facts. Even when we’re passively reading a story, the parts of the brain that process movement, texture, smell, and sound are activated.

That’s why storytelling is an extremely effective marketing tool when used properly. A compelling story is memorable, grabs the audience’s attention, and affects them physically and psychologically.

Making the Most of Stories in Marketing
So how can you begin to implement storytelling in your marketing strategies?

  • Know your audience. You can’t just tell any old story. Think about characters or situations that would appeal to your target market, and come up with a compelling story based on those fundamental elements.
  • Know your brand. Remember, you’re also trying to tell the story of your brand’s ethos. If you own a family-friendly restaurant, for example, you’ll want an advertisement that appeals to all ages, and to avoid anything too provocative or ‘adult’.
  • Show, don’t tell. Using narrative doesn’t mean lengthy advertisements with lots of dialogue. After all, you’re not making a movie! The power of video is that we can tell stories with minimal to no dialogue, which has a more profound impact on viewers, and reaches a wider audience. Narrative can be as subtle and simple as putting the right images in the right order.
  • Inspire curiosity. Most of us can spot a boring advertisement in a matter of seconds. We all know what adverts for laundry detergent look like, for example, because most of them follow the same format. By using storytelling to take a different stance on tired, old clichés, you’ll grab your audience’s attention and keep them watching. A good story will make viewers want to know where your advertisement is going.
  • Don’t forget your product. Once you’ve captured your target market, make a clear connection between the story and what you’re selling. With digital media, you can enhance this by encouraging viewers to click on a link to your site, your social media pages, or a promotional offer.
  • Study the masters. Look at brands that use stories successfully. For instance, Coca Cola barely need to advertise their products themselves; instead, their marketing focuses on fun, family, friendship, and sharing. What can you learn from other companies’ marketing strategies?