The Art Of Creating Successful Branding Videos

Branding Videos

Video is often one of the easiest formats to create compelling brand engagement. This effective medium allows you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way, selling your product or services without feeling like a sales-pitch. We take a closer look at how branding videos work to your advantage.

What Is A Branding Video?

A branding video incorporates immersive storytelling with a strong narrative. It is a form of marketing your great content in a compelling medium. Branded video content helps to increase awareness and customer reach, create brand loyalty, while promoting your brand’s reputation and serving as a way of boosting sales.

One of the most important parts of creating branded videos is knowing who your audience is. Uninspiring branded videos that are filled with product placement are not going to please your current audience nor attract a new one. As a brand, you have the advantage of looking at your audience. You have access to data about how your audience interacts with your content (and how they browse, whether it be on desktop, smartphone, app or tablet). It’s a good idea to optimize your content for each of these channels. You also have access to what they like and don’t like, as well as their reading patterns. A successful branding video uses these aspects to create content that the audience wants. But not before choosing the style of video best suited to your needs.

What Are The Different Styles Of Videos?

Branding video concepts should help to contribute to your business goals in various ways therefore making the style of the video an important consideration. As successfully viral branding videos have shown, it’s all about creating shareable content. Different forms of videos include:

  • A Culture Corporate Video

    Used by companies to engage with their partners, consumers and potential recruits in a casual way, this video style helps to humanize your brand, therefore it should be an authentic representation of what your brand is about.

  • Testimonials and interviews

    As an alternative to tutorials, interviews can help to convey information in a natural and easy way. These branding videos help to give your brand a familiar face, introducing the audience to other customers as well as the people behind the brand. It’s a good idea to incorporate humor into these videos while addresses the concerns and interests of the audience, in order to work successfully, and limit the possibility of it feeling corporate.

  • Animation

    The options are limitless when it comes to animated videos. It’s a chance to create engaging and informative video content. One of the main benefits of animation is that it has the potential to depict complex concepts in an easy to understand format.

  • How-Tos (also known as explainers)

    This is an excellent way to provide your audience with the information they need about your product or service, presenting it in a simplified and concise package. This video style can be utilized to answer common search queries therefore helping with SEO, which is ideal for online reach. However, it’s easy to fall into the category of “preachy”, so it’s recommended that you keep the video dynamic and engaging.

Why Is Sound Important In Your Branding Video?

A very important part of successful branding videos is the sound. If you’re live-streaming with a smartphone, a significant aspect of the video is the sound quality. If the original footage has poor sound quality this can be difficult to fix during the important post-production process, and while audiences may enjoy the rawness of real-time footage, when it comes to larger shoots it’s a good idea to go with good sound recording equipment.

In order to successfully incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy, it’s necessary to have some basic knowledge of the format. Some training can help unlock the potential of this type of medium for you, or some help from a professional to make sure you’re delivering what your audience wants. Call us at 312 649 0091 now for more information about creating a cutting-edge video for your brand.

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