Tips And Tricks For Awesome Instagram Product Videos

Product Videos

Social media is here to stay and if you want to keep your business on the cutting edge, you need to master the fine art of having your product videos on as many social media platforms as possible. Not all social media platforms have video production capabilities, but Instagram is one that does so let’s start by exploring that avenue.

What is Instagram?

First launched in 2010, Instagram is an interactive social network app used for sharing photos and videos. It is free on IOS and Android and although it can also be accessed on the web, one can only upload and share photos or videos from mobile devices. Instagram is a simplified version of Facebook with the emphasis on mobile use and visual sharing. Your Instagram account will have both your profile and your news feed. Your posts appear on your profile, those following you will see your posts on their news feed and vice versa. You can interact with other users by

  • Following them
  • Being followed by them
  • Commenting
  • Liking
  • Tagging
  • Private messaging

The main intention of Instagram is to share and find the best photos and videos, so that people who search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, can easily find and be drawn to your profile.

Specifications for Instagram Product Videos

Instagram videos specifications have evolved over the last few years with the most exciting development being the maximum length extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds
Other specifications are listed below:

  • Preferred format MP4 with H.264 Codec seconds and AAC audio, 3,500kpbs video bitrate
  • Frame rate 30fps or less
  • Maximum dimension 1080px wide
  • File size limit 15mb

If all of the above information appears totally foreign to you it may be advisable to consult a video production expert for a professional end product.

How To Get Your Video Noticed

We do not want the consumer to just scroll past your video, we want them to stop and take notice. In order to ensure that happens you need to get the basics right.

    • Make the first few seconds count by incorporating movement to capture attention. The customer needs to know it is a video and not just a still image.
    • Add some dynamic text to grab attention. Be careful not to add too much dynamic text though, as overuse of the feature could make the video appear cluttered.
    • Focus on a central theme, topic or goal. Know your target customer base and create a video especially for them.
    • Ensure it blends naturally into your Instagram feed and not be overly self-promotional. It must not have the obvious appearance of an advertisement.
    • Capture the target customer’s attention by posting content that will bring value to them. If your target customers are young single adults, posting videos of babies may not grab their attention no matter how cute the babies may be.
    • Shoot in the right dimensions as videos on Instagram cannot be enlarged to fit the device. The best advertisements are those that fill the entire space. In stories, video will fit the screen if shot vertically. It has been found that on Instagram, vertical videos catch the viewers’ attention more.
    • Think carefully about the thumbnails as they are the most important part of your Instagram video advertisement. They determine whether the viewer turns up the volume to watch your advertisement and ultimately end up on your profile / site. You cannot customize the thumbnail like you can on Facebook or YouTube. Brands use a thumbnail taken from your video.
    • Ensure the navigation from your video to your site is user friendly. Viewers get lost and lose interest if navigation is difficult.
    • Make a clear call to action. The video must not be a teaser but must have content that is quickly digested. Keep it simple and complete the entire message. Viewers must be encouraged and directed to your website to find out more.
    • Use the Instagram tools available to enhance the final result and make it a good experience for the user. That will go a long way in directing them to your website.
    • Apply the setting where users need to be connected to Wi-Fi to see the advertisement. That will ensure the entire video is played at the correct speed. Viewers get very impatient and won’t necessarily wait if a video is taking too long to load.
    • Give a human element to your brand. Explain a complicated concept from your position as an expert. Showcase your company and brand as only you can.
  • You can include humor, even if the humor is slightly odd. Odd things tend to go viral and isn’t that what you ultimately want?

Although it is recommended that you consult a professional company to produce your video, it is not impossible to produce your very own video until finances allow you to hire the experts. There are apps available on both Apple and Android that allow you to extend your devices functionality.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Now

    • Determine your goals. Consider multiple videos if your aim is to create brand awareness, educate and drive people to the website, as too much information in one video could confuse the customer.
    • Document your game plan. Who does what, what will the content consist of, what resources you will need and so on.
    • Find a quiet environment. Set up a studio in the boardroom if you have to. Ensure everyone knows their task and knows their script.
  • You can use cell phones and other home recording devices but it is however recommended to consult a video production expert, present your budget and have them create the professional video that will showcase your brand.