Repurposing Content with Video Editing

video-editing-chicago-advantagesIn today’s society finding ways of saving money is a very desirable practice. It is no secret that the cost of creating videos to advertise products and ideas is becoming increasingly expensive. Thus the new trend in saving money but still getting your idea out there is to turn to the process of repurposing content with video editing. In other words reusing footage you already have to promote your idea, product or message without incurring the costs of making new videos. It may sound complicated right now but in actual fact it is the most simple and brilliant move that any company or business can make.

The idea behind repurposing content with video editing in Chicago is simple. Companies or business’ (or anyone for that matter) begin by making a video. They then use this video to convey their ideas or messages to an audience. A few weeks, months or years later the need for the same idea or message to be conveyed arises. Instead of spending hundreds of Dollars all over again to create a video that sends out the same message as the original, a video editing company can recycle and reuse the original footage to create a new video. So, basically, by repurposing content through clever video editing and using footage that already exists you are able to save yourself money and the stresses of facilitating an entirely new shoot. Not only can repurposing footage contribute to the original video but it also allows the maker to repurpose the content to specifically target whomever they desire, with greater effectiveness.

Repurposing Content Practices

  • One way in which repurposing occurs is through the slice, dice and remix system. In this system the original video, which could be 5 minutes in length, is spliced into smaller parts consisting of 1 minute segments. These individual 1 minute reels contribute in new ways of viewing the same product and by promoting it in a quick and easy to understand manner. Another way of doing this is by using an already existing high quality video and splicing it in order to create a collage of images that convey meaning about a product.
  • Images are without a doubt the most convenient way to convey messages. They grab audiences 100 times faster than words and almost always leave an impression on the viewer. The repurposing of ideas and messages through images will greatly increase the effectiveness of the message. Images convey ideas faster and more effectively than words especially when the image is inspiring and captivating.
  • The use of whitepapers is also important because every idea first needs to be written down before it becomes a video. The most obvious form of whitepapers are books but short articles are just as effective. These whitepapers contain details about the product or message which is then shown in short social media posts. These media posts repurpose the content with video editing in order to convey the most important parts of the idea to the viewer.

Outcome of Repurposing Content with Video Editing. 
The outcome of using this technique to reuse and repurpose content with video editing will have positive influences on all businesses or companies.

  • It will ensure that when video footage is made that it is used to its full extent and not wasted.
  • The same footage can be reused in a variety of ways creating new ideas that were previously not known.
  • The repurposing of content is extremely cost effective since it requires using the same footage and not having to make new footage.
  • The cost effectiveness of repurposing content with video editing is also more practical and van even help negate potential legal ramifications as there is no copying of ideas but the repurposing of old footage as a means of creating new ideas.

By repurposing content with video editing companies and businesses can maximize the usage of ideas and messages while simultaneously captivating the audience, all the while saving money!

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