Adding Sparkle to your Project With Video Editing

video-editing-chicagoHave you ever watched a movie where you felt the video editing could have been a little better? Perhaps you felt some scenes weren’t relevant and could have been left on the cutting room floor. Perhaps you felt that the whole movie was just about 30 minutes too long. Maybe you couldn’t put your finger on the exact cause, but you instinctively knew that the film’s editing was not up to par.

If that has happened that you know the importance of video editing in the production process. It is necessary to have a great idea for a video production. It is also important to have the right director, cast and crew during the production phase.

But the post production phase in your Chicago video production is so important for the final product. In post-production, video editing plays a major role. It can add a sparkle to your video production, taking your project from just “okay” to “great.”

A good video editing specialist will have all the material he or she requires from the production phase, and will be able to put it together in a manner that makes sense and tells a compelling story. Our Chicago video editors will also be able to look at the material with a discerning eye, and will be able to remove footage that is not needed in order to put the effective message together.

In addition to a video editing specialist knowing how to remove the unwanted footage, he or she is also able to choose the best footage, which can be from far more material than is necessary. This includes choosing the most relevant material, the best takes, and the right angles, that will come together to create the best version of the message that is being created.

A good video piece with great video editing also has a good flow to it. It doesn’t make you feel like it is too long. It doesn’t leave you confused, wondering if you have seen material out of order. Instead, it clearly tells a story and flows in a great pace that is best for the message that is being delivered.

The video editing phase of the video production process is also where a lot of extras can be added in. Whether it is music and sound to create a vibe, special effects to give it some “wow”, or other added extras, video editing is an important step of the post production process.

When video editing is done correcting and effectively, you won’t even notice it. You likely have never come out of a movie and said, “That was some great editing!” When it is done well, it is invisible, allowing the message to be effective but not taking any credit for the job.

The opposite is true of when video editing is done poorly. You will notice the awkward cuts, the bad angles, the strange jumps and the odd scenes. Don’t let bad video editing ruin your video production message.

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