The Pros and Cons of DIY Video Editing


If you are struggling to break down the pros and cons of DIY video editing, Chicago based Production Company, The Michael Group, is here to help! Saving money on editing costs is always a huge temptation, especially when you receive those first few production quotes. However before you make your final decision be warned that there is a lot more to video editing than a person ‘relaxing’ in front of a screen sticking some good shots together to music. Video editing in Chicago is a respected profession for good reason.

Quite frankly one of the biggest advantages of DIY video editing is speed. Naturally if you have the know how and the tools and you need a clip edited now, then DIY is probably your best bet. However, the throw back is whether or not you actually do have the expertise and tools to perform the job to the standard that you are looking for. Most things in life can be done faster if you do them yourself, such as pulling teeth, rewiring your home or delivering a baby, the question is though, would you actually trust yourself enough to perform those things to the same standard as a professional? Cost is another big factor when it comes to DIY video editing in Chicago. Simply put if you don’t have the budget your options are limited and saving a buck or two in the edit is very tempting.

There is always a flipside to every coin, so of course there are going to be cons for every pro to DIY video editing in Chicago. The biggest issue when it comes to DIY video editing is know how. If your video editing know how is a little rusty you are going to face a rather difficult. The reality is that producing a project of even moderate quality takes a considerable amount of time and energy – especially when you consider that a 30-90 seconds long project, can easily suck up around 200-400 hours of your time (hence why professionals cost so much). Although you may fancy yourself a quick learner, nothing is more likely to raise your blood pressure than learning how to color correct, add an effect or trouble shoot a rendering problem while under the time constraints of project delivery. Under these circumstances you would be wise to leave it to the professionals.

Ultimately, even if you have the know how, tools and confidence to invest yourself in DIY video editing, you may still find yourself better off with a professional video editing team. Together with The Michael Group you will reach your project deadlines with ease while achieving the highest quality product you can produce.

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