How to Overcome Production Hurdles

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The film and video production process can pose many challenges. With so many steps to navigate there is a lot of room for things to possibly go very wrong. Hiring a professional production team can eliminate many potential hurdles. There are some obstacles that are regularly experienced, and knowing how to overcome them can save a lot of time and trouble. Here are a few tips from our video production Chicago team that will help you avoid a few of the common problem areas!

First challenge to production is time.
Time can often run away during the production process. “Time is money” and lost time can have a knock-on effect on the whole production schedule. To help overcome this challenge, it is important to plan ahead with foresight for potential problems such as actors getting sick, uncooperative weather, and the need to reshoot scenes.

Second challenge is parameters.
Often a production brief can have parameters that seemingly limit creativity. The trick is to allow these negatives to become opportunities to dig deeper into the creative process. Research alternate and innovative solutions. By focusing on the solution, rather than the problem, there is always a way around.

Third challenge is “life unfolding”
As it is with all industries, emergencies sometimes happen. Uncontrollable circumstances that are unavoidable can have an impact on the entire production process and either cause chaos or slow things down. The solution to this unpredictable hurdle is to build a strong team. A strong team is the groundwork for success and when events don’t go according to plan, a strong team will cover for one another and allow processes to continue smoothly.

Fourth challenge is lack of expertise
Contrary to popular belief, not all steps of video production can be done by the same person. A brilliant cinematographer will most likely focus all of their energy and attention on capturing the best footage, and leave the art of directing to someone who is an expert in that field.

This means that it is best to blend a combination approach of in-house skills and outsourcing to make sure that your production team is skilled and focused. If you understand the production process, it is easy to realize what skills will be needed – and what you may need to outsource.

Here is an idea of the potential roles and responsibilities needed for a production team:

  • Idea formation/Scripting – concept and visuals
  • Pre-Production – budget, locations, rental, talent
  • Production – filming, audio
  • Post-production – editing, distribution

Fifth challenge is budget
Although there is always the option of home footage with go-pro, I-phone, or other hand held device this may not always be your best option budget wise. While there are multiple books and websites providing tips on how to make a video at home with the correct audio, lighting etc. In order to create a clear, high quality production, it may be better for your budget to outsource a professional video production team. Take time to plan your budget and see what you can afford without compromising on quality.

Something to consider
One way to prevent potential problems is to stock up on cutaways during the production process. Poor cutaways can result in sudden jumps between shots can create the effect of a chaotic or scattered scene.

The solution is simple enough – get that extra footage! It comes in handy when putting the building blocks together at a later stage and you realize that you need a little bit extra cement to hold your story together.

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