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24th May
The Art Of Cinematography

The Art Of Cinematography

Cinematography is one of the most important components that makes a beautiful film. The art of cinematography is being able to tell a story, and…

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10th May
video production

Choosing The Right Music For Your Video Production

Music is a language that crosses all barriers; telling your viewers exactly what they should be feeling, and when they should be feeling it. A powerful tool…

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26th Apr
Making A TV Show

Planning Your Storyline When Making A TV Show

The success of a TV shows relies on a number of factors, with the storyline being at the forefront. Planning the storyline of a TV…

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12th Apr
production crew

The Importance Of Experienced Behind-The-Scenes Production Crew

A brilliant idea for a film or TV show is nothing if not executed correctly and brought to life by the production crew. Having an…

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29th Mar
Training Videos

Spice Up Your Training Videos With Narrative

The mention of a training video is generally met with sighs and resistance – but it doesn’t have to be that way. A poorly written,…

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22nd Mar
Commercial Video Production

The Art Of Commercial Video Production

The nature of commercials has changed drastically over the years. Gone are the days where the whole family sits together at the dinner table before…

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15th Mar
video production

Documentaries vs Journalism Video Production

The debate as to whether or not documentaries are a form of journalism has raged for a long time. There are obvious similarities between “traditional…

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22nd Feb
video production

Has 8K Changed Video Production Forever?

As display technology constantly advances and resolution quality improves, video production companies have had to keep up with the times. Consumers are no longer interested…

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15th Feb
Video Stabilization

The History Of Video Stabilization

Since the first film-based movie camera was invented in the late 19th century, amateur and professional filmmakers have searched for the best way to stabilize…

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8th Feb
Marketing Video Production

Generate Brand Emotion With Marketing Video Production

It’s a well-known fact that video is the most effective way to leave viewers with a lasting impression of a brand. But what is it…

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25th Jan
Prop Master

Why Your Production Needs A Prop Master

A prop master, formally known as a Property Master, is responsible for the procurement, production, maintenance and inventory of all props that are used within…

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18th Jan
Media Training

Media Training For Dealing With Negative Press

A time may come where your business could face some negative media attention, may it be after an interview or a recently released article. However,…

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