Video Production Services in A TV Series


With the announcement of a new DIY Network television show called “Philly Revival”, we take a behind the scenes look at what services go into the video production of a TV series. Each aspect of video production is vital in order to create the final product, communicating the message of the director while providing the audience with the entertainment they are looking for. Here’s what goes into video production.

What Is Video Production?

Video production involves the process of producing the video content. The term is reserved for content creation that goes through all phases of production, and is created for a specific reason or with a certain audience in mind. When it comes to those who enjoy “fixer-upper” type reality shows, “Philly Revival”, revolves around reviving old properties, specifically renovating homes that are at least a century old in an urban area. Hosting the show is designer, real estate agent, contractor and now adding television star to her resume, the aptly named Rachel Street.

What Is Involved In Video Production?

Video production consists of three stages:

  • Pre-production which involves all the aspects of planning of the video production process before the actual filming begins. This usually includes script writing, scheduling, logistics and administrative aspects.
  • Production is the filming of the video content and its subjects of the video, whether it be videography or moving images.
  • Post-production involves video editing by combining video editing into a finished product, in order to create something, whether it be to tell a story or send a message. This can occur in a live event setting such as live production (like the news) or in post-production, after the event has occurred.

Common Types Of Video Production

There are various types of video production, with the most common including:

  • Television Commercials
  • Web Commercials
  • Product Videos (created in order to sell a product while communicating its highlights and features)
  • Marketing Videos
  • Film and TV Production
  • Event-Related Videos (like weddings)
  • Corporate Videos

What Are Television Broadcast Productions?

This umbrella term incorporates a variety of television productions. These include:

  • Infomercials
  • Entertainment Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Sitcoms
  • Reality Shows
  • News Magazines
  • Television Commercials

Philly Revival” is a reality show with the premise of the show revolving around real people’s homes being renovated, and is mostly scripted.

What Is Production Scale?

Production scale is determined by the size of the crew, rather than the location of the production, or what content is captured. Crew size determines a project’s quality, and is does not limit what kind of content can be captured. Examples include:

  • A one-man band, such as a solo camera operator in a single-camera setup
  • Two-man crew, one for operating the camera and the other capturing the audio
  • A multi-camera setup shoot, consisting of multi-camera operators as well as a small crew
  • A crew of 5 or more, with a trailer or production truck on a large-scale production

What Are The Different Shooting Styles And Techniques?

Shooting styles in video production are often the same as those in filmmaking. The shooting style can differ depending on the type of video being created, as well as the tone and message of the video. Generally-speaking, reality shows use a combination of close-up shots to gauge facial expressions and reactions and the hand-held camera style to create a sense of watching people the audience knows.

Some commonly used shooting styles include:

  • To convey energy and a natural feel, the hand-held camera style is used.
  • For stable shots (also known as a locked down shot) tripods are incorporated.
  • Whip pan, which is a type of pan shot that moves so quickly that the picture blurs. This is used to indicate that the action is fast-paced or time is passing quickly.
  • Whip zoom, referring to how the camera zooms in and out quickly, making the subject the focal point. It also allows the shot to be edited as a cut from a close up to a long shot, or the other way around.
  • Vertical motion shots using a crane (frequently used at the beginning of a movie as an establishing shot or at the end as a fade out).

Video production services are an integral part of creating a finished production. For more information about how they can help you with your type of video production, call us at: 312 649 0091 today.

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