Why A Video Production Company Must Know The Latest Trends

Video Production Company

The age of technology has ushered in a new era for the video production process. So many changes have taken place with huge developments in 4K video production to being able to do drone video shooting. Keeping up with the latest video trends is important for any video production to ensure they have the latest offering available for their clients. Most businesses are looking for video production companies which will assist them in being better and more interactive in connecting with their clients. With the estimated digital consumption increasing every year, video makers need to ensure they offer the latest technologies.

With so many technologies that have evolved in the video production process, let’s take a look at some of the major changes:

4K Video

Video quality has been improving throughout the years with the new standard being full HD. Some new video recording technology has the capability to record in 4K. This has trickled down to the streaming sites, which now allow users to upload 4K quality videos. You will need a fast internet connection to be able to stream this type of quality. 4K is also especially useful for videographers who wish to enlarge footage without affecting the quality.

360-View Video

Viewers are now able to select the angle at which they would like to view a video by simply clicking and dragging the mouse across the playback screen. This allows the user to interact with the manner in which playback happens.

Aerial Footage View Using Drones

Drones have provided videographers the ability to capture amazing footage which covers a much wider area. This is especially useful for industries such as real estate and automobiles.

Live Streaming Across Multiple Platforms

Embedding live streaming in social media has become increasingly popular since 2017. It’s a way for companies to connect with their audience directly. The next step in live streaming is expanding the reach of the audience by live steaming on multiple avenues simultaneously. Video production companies can add even more by creating an interactive platform for viewers to engage on these platforms

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already taken hold of the gaming industry. Using this technology in video production can keep the viewer engaged and is also much more interactive. The first boundary to overcome would be to convince the viewer to use the VR headset to play the video.

Shoppable Videos

Similar to 360-degree viewing, shoppable videos also incorporate an e-commerce pop up – enticing the viewer to buy the product immediately.

Non-Permanent Video Content

With the fast pace at which life happens, viewers can only be engaged for a limited amount of time when it comes to video marketing. Producing short, impactful videos which only last a day can reach the younger generation.

With the risk of video production becoming an in-house department within businesses, video production companies need to ensure they offer a product which is aligned to the cutting-edge technology available. There has been a significant shift in digital video marketing, which is likely to continue in 2019. Some of the benefits in remaining on top of trends are:

  • Increased market share by being the go-to video production company to offer the latest technology.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by testing new technology first and becoming experts.
  • Creating a reputation of innovation with your clients and the public

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