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As technology explodes, so do the tools for communication. One of the most valuable tools can be webcasts, which can go a long way in saving time and money. By using streaming technology, you can broadcast an event or meeting “live” over the Internet, allowing people to share information without having to travel. There’s another benefit too. Studies have shown that extending the reach of an event through a Webcast can actually help grow attendance at future events. Along with organizing your Webcast, The Michael Group can create video content, which can be incorporated into your Webcast. And your Webcast won’t be over when it’s over. We can record it for on-demand archive, for viewers to access later. Think of the webcast as your own personalized TV broadcast. Some additional Webcast services we provide are:

  • Research
  • Page registration
  • Story Development
  • Encoding, pitching
  • Production and Feedback
webcast services

The Michael Group is professional, creative and innovative. Michael and her team go “above and beyond” for clients and exceeded our team’s expectations-by a landslide. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else and I trust them for my future projects.

Maureen Boyle,

The Michael Group