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10 Tips for Corporate Video Production in Chicago

Corporate video production is a useful marketing tool to build your company’s brand and to grow your business. It involves enticing clients and portraying a clear and powerful message about who you are and what you do. A corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose and is viewed by a targeted audience. It may also include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos. Examples of corporate videos include staff training and safety videos, promotional or brand films, and financial results videos.

So now we know what a corporate video is and what it aims to do, but how does one make their corporate video stand out from the rest?

10 Useful Tips to make your Corporate Video stand out from the rest:

1. Have a Clear Purpose and a Plan

  • Your video should have a clear purpose and there should be an action plan outlining how you are going to achieve this purpose and how you are going to portray your message in the video
  • Plan what you are going to say before shooting the video – do not use jargon unless you know the audience will understand it

2. Be Concise and Creative

  • Get to the point – focus on the purpose of the video and what you can do for the audience
  • Keep the video short in order to keep the audience engaged and interested– around 1 minute is the ideal length for a corporate video

3. Editing is Key

  • A great video will use different editing tools to make it more effective
  • Use color to sharpen the message and make it more powerful
  • Use sound to convey emotion in your message
  • Use creative lighting to add drama to the message

4. Ensure Good Lighting

  • Bad lighting produces the wrong image for your company
  • Ensure good lighting to create a professional image

5. Ensure Good Quality Sound

  • Bad quality sound detracts from your message

6. Increase Brand Association

  • Have a good casting or a figurehead of the company in the video to increase brand association

7. Know your audience

  • Aim your video at the right target market
  • Strive to make the video from your audiences’ perspective – keeping them as the focus

8. Create an emotional connection

  • If the audience connect to the video on an emotional level, the impact of the video will last longer and will be entrenched in the audience

9. Actions speak louder than words

  • Show or demonstrate how your product or service can benefit the client
  • Back up what you say with proof in the video

10. End on a positive note

  • Represent the brand in a positive manner, inviting the audience to become a part of your company
  • End the video with a proposition or a call to action

These 10 simple tips will enhance your overall video quality and will result in a positive brand image leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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