A Day In The Life Of A Video Producer

video producer

Video producers wear many hats. They are a crucial part in the video production phase and often manage everything from pre-production to post-production to ensure that all goes according to plan. An ordinary day for a video producer can range from working with writers, to determining the content of the shoot, to spending days on set filming. We are here to walk you through the three crucial phases of production and how it forms part of a video producers’ schedule.

Phase 1: Pre-Production

Phase 1 of the production phase is crucial to the success of any project. It involves consulting with clients, script writing, creating storyboards, budgeting and acquiring the necessary legal clearance. The process can involve a large group of people, all of which need to be managed. Enter the Producer. The video producer can wear the hat of a manager and steer the pre-production phase into successful seas and happy clients. Their days during this phase would typically involve:

  • Meeting with clients to get a grasp and help clients develop their video concept.
  • Research into the target audience, appropriate branding and writing.
  • Preparing to shoot a video allows the video producer to ensure that everything has been finalized and everyone is on the same page.

The day-to-day of this phase differs from team to team, but the basics remain the same. The video producer will have a hand in the selection of a perfect video location and the selection of talent used for the video, if necessary. Without the producer, the bigger picture can get lost when completing all the steps in the pre-production phase. This is why video producers are crucial – to ensure that the bigger picture is captured effectively.

Phase 2: Production

During the production of a video, things get real. This is when a producer’s ability to take things from theory to practice is truly tested. A video producer’s day during this phase involves being onsite to:

  • Set up the equipment such as lighting equipment to capture the perfect shot.
  • Shoot the video and gather all the necessary raw material which will be edited later.
  • Record-voice overs if necessary.

Producing can be challenging. Organizing production crews require great leadership skills. It is important to choose a producer and production company that ticks all the boxes with great leadership skills. This will ensure that the job gets done properly.

Phase 3: Post-Production

Once phase 2 is complete, producers and editors have the hefty task of compiling all the raw material and packaging it, as agreed upon in phase 1, for their client. During post-production, video producers daily focus is on:

  • Reviewing raw material to ensure that the content included in the final video piece together perfectly.
  • Selecting music for the video.
  • Editing footage to capture the correct lighting and video aesthetic, as prescribed by the client.

The producer will also meet with the clients at least twice during this phase. The first meeting will be to share the first draft of the final product. The first attempt is not always the final product. Once clients have given their input and share their desired changes, producers go back and implement these. At the final meeting, the producer will present the final product to the client, if it has been approved it is given to the client and they may then share it or use it for its intended purpose.

A good video producer is someone who pays close attention to detail, they have impeccable leadership skills and are experts in their field. The Michael Group have a highly experienced team who can take your project to the next level – producer included.

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