Common Problems with DIY Production Services

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We are undoubtedly living in a DIY age where we are encouraged to do it all ourselves, no matter what ‘it’ is – but one area you should not be encouraged to do it all yourself is video production. This is a skill which cannot be learnt overnight and one that is certainly better left to the professionals. Which is why you should make use of a company offering production services instead, such as Chicago-based The Michael Group.

In an era of online videos and YouTube stars, it’s no wonder video marketing has taken the world of advertising by storm. What better way can there be to generate interest and a following than by tapping into the realm of video production? That said, not every person with a smart phone is a video producer and a poorly-made video marketing campaign can damage your image just as much as a well-made video marketing campaign can improve it. Therefore, it’s important to never underestimate the value of professional production services and their input.

Top 5 Video Production problems to Avoid

Let’s look at some of the common problems encountered during DIY production services and find out how a production service company can help you avoid them.

  • You know that video production will contribute greatly to your marketing plan, but you know nothing about it or where to start.
    The worst thing you could do is underestimate the importance of high quality production services when it comes to video production. Whatever you produce will enter the public space forever and leave a decided mark on those who watch it. It’s up to you to make sure that the impression left on viewers is the one you want. A company offering professional production services will ensure this is the case by doing in depth research with you and on your market, while guaranteeing that pre- and post-production is carried out professionally.
  • You need to create a script which will get your point across, but you’re not a writer.
    One of the many aspects of production services include the careful creation and mapping of scripts which will see your video meet the aims and carry the story you want it to. If you choose to make use of professional production services, you can rest assured that a team of professional scriptwriters and producers will be collaborating on your video.
  • You need to hire professional microphones and speakers but you know nothing about them
    Not only is there a confusing array of microphones and specialized recording equipment available on the market, they’re of varying qualities, too. Making use of professional production services takes all the hassle and stress out of deciding what equipment to choose and having to buy any at all as they will have it all on hand already.
  • You’ve bought yourself your own video production equipment, but now you’re spending all your time trying to figure out how to use it. Not only is this negatively affecting your other work, you’re also not seeing a return on investment.
    There is a famous saying by Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid”. Everyone is adept at certain skills in their own way and the best way to see results is to allow people to excel where they will best. By using production services, you can continue ensuring that your business is run in the most effective way possible, and the company you are using can make sure that the public sees that through your video marketing campaign.
  • You bought video production equipment a few years ago but it’s already out of date.
    Video production technology is advancing at a rate comparable to the Kardashian clan’s online following and updated software and equipment is being released all the time and it’s a hefty investment to make on behalf of your business if you’re DIY-ing all your own videos. If you make use of professional production services, it’s in the video production company’s best interests to have the most up-to-date equipment and the knowledge to use it correctly.

At Michael Group, our motto is ‘Your Vision, Your Story’, and we promise to bring that to life with our wide range of production services. Not only do we use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, our company is made up of a team of seasoned professionals who will ensure they get the job done right.

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