Effective Corporate Video Production That Gets Your Message Understood

Corporate video production

Any thriving business should already be interested in corporate video production. The ability to professionally release a professional, well edited, and distinct corporate video can only help build the brand’s image, and deliver an effective and clear message to clients, staff, and investors. Should you still be wondering about if hiring a corporate video production team is the right move for your business, let us show you the ways corporate videos can help any business.

Identify The Objective of Your Corporate Video

To truly have an effective corporate message, first you have to decide what are you hoping to achieve with this video. Are you looking to draw in more clients and investors, and would like to have a video that shows off your corporate mission statement? Or will showing your successful history ease the minds of new investors? Maybe testimonials from previous and current clients, to give potential clients a reason to choose you over your competitors, knowing what message you are trying to get across is the only the start.

Define Your Corporate Image

Having a strong corporate image is the next stage in and effective corporate message. Let’s take Google for example. All platforms that you the Google name are distinctive, as they follow the same typeface, color scheme, and other design elements. They incorporate this into all their corporate videos, as a white background with any text or design element following the color scheme of blue, red, yellow and green, is distinctly Google, and this is supported by the music style they include in each video. From the moment their corporate videos begin, you know it’s Google. Creating a strong Corporate image like that, and being able to carry it through into your videos, will immediately remove the confusion of what company this represents.

Know Your Audience

The style and tone of the video is very important to delivering your message. A message meant for employees to congratulate them on a successful project will carry a very different tone and style, than a video designed to update investors or board on the progress the business made in a quarter. Delivering the message with the wrong tone, may lead investors into believing you are not being serious about the topic at hand. Having inappropriate attire, lighting, music, and backdrop will further confuse the message you want to deliver.

You should also be well aware of what reactions you would like to receive from your audience. Should you want to make your staff feel appreciated and improve moral, lighter colors, more upbeat backing music, and backdrops that focus on praising the good job done.

Video Strategy

The next part of having an effective corporate video, is knowing how to deliver the message. Having advertisements showing the companies details at the end, with a clickable link where possible, is one of the ways to reach new customers or clientele. For an update to a board of directors, playing the video in person during a meeting can be a professional way to deliver it. The next step is understanding how your video will affect future videos, in order to further build on your image. This includes deciding the structure of each future video, whether or not it will feature a the same person delivering the message, and what will be carried over from video to video, and if the video is suitable for re-purposing, where a common practice is to have a video used internally at a meeting or conference, but later have the video appear on the video.

What Can a Corporate Video be Used For?

In the past, we have produced videos that were used to launch new product lines, others that were used by CEO’s and executives to make both private and public announcements. As stated earlier, your corporate video can be used to reassure possible investors and clients. Should you have any interest in video production for your business, we at The Michael Group, have a very talented team of directors, videographers, post production editors, and makeup artist that are available to produce your corporate videos.

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