Golden Rules of Corporate Videos

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Advice on Corporate Video Production from Chicago’s Best

In today’s technologically advanced, visually-oriented world, video is the hottest marketing currency which you can use to get in touch with your client base. But making an attention-grabbing and memorable video is no easy feat, as our Chicago corporate video production team will tell you. Understanding your client, cultivating an emotional connection, and presenting something which is both relatable and engaging is all part of what it takes to create a truly outstanding marketing video.

Define your video’s audience

It might seem intuitive to cast your net as wide as possible and appeal to as many market segments as you can, but this is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Every successful company has its own unique value proposition – which means that it’ll likely be appealing to an equally unique audience. You need to make sure that your corporate video is targeted to address the specific interests of a niche audience group, since your first priority should always be to appeal to the group of people who are ultimately going to purchase your product. Define and refine your audience group until you can be sure you are capturing your most promising customer segment.

Establish an emotional connection

While economists may insist that we make rational decisions, there is plenty of market research out there to show that almost 100% of the time, it is our emotional side which drives our purchase choices. A product or service which audiences can connect with on an emotional level is far more likely to be successful that one which attempts to win audience favor by citing facts, features and figures. A key ingredient for any successful corporate video is to incorporate elements of storytelling into the production – a message which is relatable and memorable is sure to win over potential customers.


Humans are visual beings, so it’s a no-brainer that video is the most persuasive medium for communicating with potential clients. People want to see what you have to offer them with their own eyes, and they want to be confident that they understand the product they are investing in – they don’t just want to be told about it. What makes video marketing particularly effective is that it is able to use the power of suggestion to convince customers that a particular product will bring tangible changes to their lifestyle and prospects.

Adopt a customer-centric approach

Many corporates make the mistake of going into too much detail about their inner workings, their history and their practices. Although it’s important to give clients a sense of your value proposition, you don’t want to be spending too much time on any subject which your client can’t directly relate too. Focus instead on creating a corporate video from the customer’s perspective, and be sure that you are always answering the questions that will be uppermost in customers’ minds.

Make your core values known

With the immense choice available to customers today, your company is going to need to offer a little bit more in order to stand out. It’s important to leave a firm impression in potential clients’ minds about what your core values and beliefs are. For example, does your business support environmentally friendly practices? How well do you prioritize customer care?
These are the golden rules of video marketing which our corporate video production team has come to live by. You’ll find that if you stick to these, you can’t go wrong.

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