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Have you ever considered taking up a program in media training? Chicago is our base and we offer precisely this type of training to assist you in more eloquently getting your message out there.

By definition, ‘media’ is the means of mass communication, but it’s the very last part of that description – the ‘communication’ part – that can trip you up, even if you are the most gifted CEO or business executive. For, while creating innovative content may be second nature to you, having to go out there and broadcast your vision in a series of glitzy and intimidating presentations, on-camera appearances and interviews might be a tougher task.

We live in a time where the channels of communication are more open and accessible than ever before. For the natural extroverts amongst us, this opportunity to interact on a more regular basis is welcomed. However, if you are an introvert that feels more comfortable within the confines of your office space and with only your own team, there are numerous training techniques that can significantly ease the burden of external interaction, no matter how foreign the environment may be to you. As author Susan Cain expresses in her hugely successful book Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking, even those of us that feel most inclined to avoid interacting with large groups of individuals in an interview setting can change this with the right mindset. However, while this book and many others provide a general look at overcoming communication anxiety, our hands-on approach is tuned specifically to the needs of the professional working in the media industry.

For example, we can teach you how to confidently handle producers and reporters. These individuals will be seeking out answers that can be used as charismatic quotes or sound bytes, and there are methods to employ to assure you deliver these consistently. Not all interviewers will be looking to focus on only highlights of your message or offering, and here we can guide you on how best to approach an antagonistic line of questioning.

If you have never before taken the time to get familiar with devices such as a microphone, Teleprompter, or earpiece, they can appear quite daunting on first acquaintance – more commonly associated with bubbly TV presenters, not you as a professional needing to cast your organization in the best possible light. Yet, by understanding how these tools work, you can use them to your distinct advantage in a variety of settings.

While we have so far focused mainly on those not naturally inclined to appearing in the spotlight, it’s worth noting that even the most exuberant and confident people can develop bad habits when conducting interviews. While these habits may not be noticeable from your perspective, to your listener or viewer they can create a surprisingly negative perception of your brand, company, or product. As an example, rambling your way through an answer but missing the context and angle of the initial question can leave your interviewer and listener flummoxed – being a good, interesting interviewee is an underrated skill, with listening carefully being a key component.

Beyond these teachings, we also focus on aspects such as using your wardrobe and makeup choices to your advantage, while your group or individual sessions are recorded for constructive evaluation.

By investing in our media training service, you’re ensuring that the great work you are already doing gets the coverage and recognition it deserves. On a personal note, you’ll begin enjoying and viewing your interaction with the media in a far more positive light.

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