Top Tips for Producing a Successful Marketing Video

marketing-video-production-chicagoYou need a great marketing video production team in Chicago to get your specific brand name out there. There are many ins and outs to producing a successful marking video. You need to remember that any and all companies, regardless of size, can benefit from brand awareness.

Consumers love brand awareness, because once they are aware of your brand you need to make them want it. They need to know that they are receiving or using the best possible product out there and the better the brand awareness, the larger your client base. Brand awareness is more than just about the numbers; it is also about leaving a lasting impact that will ensure that your customers keep coming back. A marketing video showcases everything that your company is about – the more your video stands out, the more profitable it’ll be for you.

The little details are what can make or break your video branding campaign. It is never as easy as it is made out to be; it is goal dependent, the perfect mix of your company brand with your online presence; and, most importantly, caters to your customers needs.

Simple branding tips to remember:

  • Know your target market
    • Casting a wide net means you’ll only catch a few fish. Cast your net in an area where you know you will catch plenty of fish.
    • Know your product and you’ll know your perfect target market. Teenagers won’t buy into getting denture glue nor will older folk be enthusiastic about a new pair of sneakers.
    • Find blogs or websites that your target market constantly views, to find out what interests them or causes them to engage and then create a video that addresses or references that particular topic.
  • Know which platforms will reach which audience
    • Studies have shown that women are more likely to use Pinterest than men, whereas men prefer Google+ and the younger generation thrive on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
    • If it’s relevant to that specific audience, they may even share the video to other users within their network.
  • Keep an eye on the response you’re getting
    • This is how you know what your audience thinks of your video or your product. It’s essentially free reviews.
    • Facebook is very handy with this, as it allows you to see how many shares, likes and comments your video has received.
  • Try and limit your marketing videos to around 5 minutes
    • Depending on your target market, someone will either be too busy to spend 5 minutes on a video that isn’t a funny clip compilation/cute animal video, or get bored too easily if it’s not relevant to what is currently “in” 
    • A longer video could work but this depends on either the story you are telling or your intended target market. So once again KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET
  • Let your video focus on the consumer
    • If the video focuses more on the consumer than the product itself, your intended consumer will be more interested in the benefits your product offers him or her.

Above all, you need to remember to be reasonable. You may be in it for the long haul, as building a strong long lasting brand awareness cannot happen overnight. It takes time to get people to switch their brand loyalties especially to something new but you want that switch to be permanent. In this way, professional video marketing – with The Michael Group in Chicago – can make your brand a resounding success.

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