Marketing Video Production Must Haves

marketing video production

There are many marketing video production must haves that are crucial for creating content for your website. Assembling a team to help you achieve your marketing video dreams is as simple as seeking professional assistance with a seasoned production specialist such as the Michael Group.

Assembling a team of specialists will ensure that your videos come out in your desired style as well as ensure the consistency in video quality.

Specialty skills and areas that need to be covered:

  • Audio/ Video (A/V)

    Even though anyone can take a video with their cellphones, it will be worthwhile to buy more advanced software as well as hire people who have the ability to use it. By hiring those proficient with the equipment, you will ensure that your video’s quality is up to your standards. There are many intricacies in equipment set up and in using different functions on the camera that is difficult for people to learn with little professional experience with cameras. For example, A/V specialists will know how to best light your set, frame your product and where to set your microphone. Also, if technical issues arise as you film, A/V specialists will be able to more easily fix the problem so that you can move on without wasting any time.

  • A Creative Team

    Assembling a Creative Team is essential for brainstorming ideas. It is often useful to pick people for this team with different backgrounds such as screenwriting, copywriting, and graphic design. Picking people with backgrounds in these areas can be helpful for creating a script, headlines, descriptions, logos, and transitions from scene to scene. If you do not have space for a creative team at your company, you can hire freelancers for specific jobs and videos.

  • Actors

    You do not necessarily need to hire professional actors to perform in your videos. As long as you feel that there is someone within your company who can say lines and be on camera with confidence, you can easily avoid the extra cost. Modern editing capabilities allows for much more leeway in terms of acting ability. While you may also use slides, cartoons and images, consumers often prefer connecting with real people. However, if you want to livestream videos, you will need someone who can think on their feet. Because there is no editing process, you will not be able to cover up mistakes. For livestreaming, it would benefit you to hire a professional actor.

  • Livestream Community Manager

    Because most video platforms give the consumer the ability to respond to the video through chatrooms and comments, it is useful to have a manager to look through the video comments and respond to them. This helps consumers feel heard and will likely lead to more hits on the video. A Manager will also need to handle the people who disliked your video. Because of the anonymity that the internet provides, many users will feel free to write inappropriate or nasty comments about your company and video. Managing these chatrooms will not only make your job more difficult, but may also ruin the experience of potential consumers. You will need someone to report and remove inappropriate messages that may ruin the consumer’s experience.

  • Marketing Managers

    Video marketing can be difficult, but there are many people who market companies as a profession who can help you make your video content successful. If you can develop a relationship with those who have had success livestreaming videos or who know how to market videos, you will build the connections to gain more followers and therefore more views. If you play your cards right, you may be able to collaborate or establish sponsorship deals with them and place ads on their website or convince them to sponsor your brand. However, developing these partnerships is not always easy and making one wrong move could put you in legal trouble.

Investing your time in a team like The Michael Group can be a great way to give yourself creative freedom and control over your brand while maintaining the expertise of a professional production squad.

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