Why You Need Instructional Videos

instructional videos

Whether you are a business-owner, a member of an organization or even an individual wanting to share their story, instructional videos are an effective and easy way to advance your cause! Instructional videos create a richer experience for both businesses and customers, and offer a variety of benefits. Nowadays, businesses are using this media platform for a range of purposes such as advertising, staff training, annual reports or the distribution of motivational and educational messages from business leaders.

How Can a Video Platform be Used?

  • Onboarding (familiarizing customers with your product or service, or integrating a new employee into your business)
  • Product training
  • Announcements and news about your company
  • Training for staff

The Benefits of Instructional Videos

  1. Cut Your Costs

    Having to train employees can be a costly and time-consuming task for businesses. By utilizing a video platform, you can reduce the actual cost of a training facility, an on-site trainer and reduce the amount of planning required to organize the training event.

  2. Accessibility

    Employees can access the video from any location, the office, their home or even when far away from the physical company. All that is needed is an internet connection.

  3. Introduce New Learning Styles

    While some people do well learning by reading manuals and notes, others may benefit more from learning from an audio-visual source such as a video. Videos can incorporate aural, visual and kinesthetic learning styles, making them interactive and useful for people regardless of their preferred method of information intake. Additionally, because videos are accessible at all times, employees can learn at their leisure and watch the video as many times as needed.

  4. Keep Viewers Engaged

    The medium by nature offers the viewer a ‘human element’, making the information relatable and giving the viewer a sense of personal mentorship. Videos can motivate viewers far better than printed text.

  5. Reduce Travel

    By delivering information through video format, you will not need to travel away from the office to have your message reach remote audiences. Because video can be sent easily and quickly online, you will be able to give your staff connections with experts worldwide without having to fly a speaker in. Similarly, you can deliver your information in the video to any of your business branches simply by sending it via the internet.

  6. Keep Track of Participants

    Through the variety of analytics that are offered by most instructional video creators, you will have insight into the level of understanding and attendance of employees.

The Michael Group can help you create a professional, impactful video for your business or organization by determining the best method needed to achieve the best results. Factors such as formal or informal speech, professional actors or your own employees, the graphics and overall style and music need to be taken into careful consideration when creating a successful video.
Call us today for help on creating your own motivational and educational video that is sure to bring your business many benefits such as reduced costs and increased efficiency.

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