Looking at the Premier Pro 2015.3 Update

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Post Production: The Latest Premier Pro Update

If you are interested in the post production process then you will be thrilled to hear that Adobe Premiere Pro 2015 has released a new update (version 2015.3) and it is packed with a long list of brand new features! Below we will look at some of the most exciting ones.

Time-saving Features
The 2015.3 update includes many features that will help you save on time. One of these is the new keyboard shortcuts that were added to Premiere’s default keyboard shortcuts. Many of these shortcuts will help you to navigate through your key frames.

Another feature which will help you cut down on time is the ‘remove attributes’ function. If you are familiar with Premiere Pro, you would know that you were previously able to copy the attributes of one clip to a group of other clips. What the update has now done is to add a function which allows you to remove certain attributes from a group of clips. Using these two features in conjunction will no doubt be much more efficient.

Using Proxies
Using proxies in the editing process entails creating a low-resolution version of your clip for the purposes of editing, which can then be linked and replaced with the original clip. This is a lot more time-efficient than if you were to edit your high-resolution clips directly since these can easily overload your computer system. The new update supports proxy media creation and allows for an easy switch between original and proxy clips.

Ingest Workflow
The update also allows you to start editing your footage immediately while it is being imported in the background. Once the import is complete, Premiere Pro switches to the copied media. This allows space on the camera to be freed up as soon as possible.

VR Video Workflow
Filming virtual reality 360 videos has taken the world by storm. However it can be rather troublesome to preview and edit such footage. Premiere Pro has made life a lot easier for those involved in post production by adding a new tool called the button editor. This allows you to preview and playback the 360 videos as it would be on a device. You can even edit the clip while the VR preview is applied.

Better Color Control
The 2015.3 update comes with a variety of improvements relating to color control. With the use of HSL Secondaries you can isolate and adjust either a specific color or a range or colors. You now also have much greater control over the color grade with the help of the new color grading control surface support feature. Furthermore the Lumetri Scope Enhancements allow you to adjust the brightness of the scopes from normal to dimmed to bright.

These are only some of the many new features that you are no doubt eager to try out. Others include the ability to minimize the tracks on the timeline to make extra space, the open captions feature, expanded language support, etc. This update is free to all current users.

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