Video Post-Production: Avid Media Composer 8.9 Review

video post-production

Video post-production can be a tedious process if you are working with an inefficient workspace. Avid Media has just realized their new Media Composer 8.9. It comes with all the right features and some new exciting ones added in. Avid Media has worked on Media Composer, to make it more intuitive to use and therefore increase workflow and productivity. Here are a few of the new features which make it that much more of a pleasure to use.

Audio Changes

There has been one main feature addition in the audio department. Media Composer now has sub-frame audio slip. This is for those who need absolute perfection, when it comes to audio sync, as sub-frame audio slip will get you that. This can also be performed on your master or any other clips in your project. This will allow you to ensure that every clip has absolutely no audio desync.

The audio mixer has also been given a new Narrow mode. This will give you more space to work on other aspects of the project without losing any of the functionality of the audio panel. To fit it all in, a few buttons have been combined and resized. Now you have the option of choosing to display the fader, meter, or dynamic legend volume sliders. This is a great addition for those multitaskers.

Color Features

When performing color correction, context is key. Therefore, Media Composer gives you way to check just that. You can now, using easily accessible button, playback a few seconds of footage before and after the frame you are working on. This gives you the context you need to carefully color grade your work and ensure that it fits the whole scene.

Color correction mode also now has Dual-Split remain active while playback is happening and the Scopes will update in real time as you correct your colors utilizing your new preview features.

UI Changes

Media Composer now has scaling functionality for UHD monitors, you can now scale your UI to 200%. This means that you can fully utilize your high definition monitor ensuring crystal clear images. Not having to downscale your media files will do wonders for your workflow.

When adding an audio or visual effect, being able to adjust it on the fly is incredibly important. Now you can set the effect editor to automatically open when an audio or visual effect is applied. This is a simple change, but it is the simple things like this which increase efficiency.

Other simple changes are the now larger thumbnails in the Source Browser. No one wants to be squinting to try make out what each sample is. The size can be changed with a slider or an easy button combination. To help with this increase in size, the Source browser is also now expandable. This means that it will be much easier to navigate through many clips.

Once you have finished with your editing you will now be able to export your .mov with discrete audio tracks. Giving you more freedom with how you would like to present the product without the hassle of having to make multiple versions.

With these changes, your video post-production should become much smoother, meaning higher quality projects.

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