Break In Your Marketing Video Production Plans

In our fast-paced world people today are busy and not getting any less busy. They cannot find the time to page through newspapers or magazines to obtain the information they seek. They want everything at their fingertips, literally. With digital technology now cheaper than ever before, video marketing provides value, relevance and flexibility that the on-the-go consumer demands.

The Advantages Of Internet Marketing

If you want to show off your brand to the maximum amount of people at the lowest cost, then internet marketing is the only way to go. Let’s unpack this statement.

  • The internet is mobile and can be accessed via laptop, netbook, smartphone or iPad.
  • It reaches people globally. Businesses can reach an audience anywhere in the world whereas with traditional advertising reach is limited to the local community.
  • You can target your specific consumer base and reach a much wider audience. Traditional advertising campaigns are unable to offer precision marketing. How many times have you tossed what you consider junk mail into the trash without even looking at it?
  • You can measure your outcomes. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows one to measure the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign by indexation, backlinks, rankings and traffic.
  • It is cost effective. It is much cheaper than advertising in a newspaper where the cost varies depending on the area the newspaper services and the size of the advertisement.

Is A Marketing Video Production An Effective Tool?

Here are some observations that were shared on HubSpot, a developer and marketer of software products for inbound and marketing sales:

  • Adding a video to your marketing emails has been shown to boost clicks by 200 – 300%.
  • 90% of customers report that videos assisted them to make their purchase decisions.
  • 1/3 of time people spend online is spent watching videos.
  • Videos boost your SEO ratings as 35% of ad spending online, is on account of videos.
  • 59% of company decision makers have confessed they would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.

Digesting the proven facts listed above, one would have to agree that video marketing is more than an effective tool, it is convincingly leading the advertising race.

How To Attract Your Customers To Your Product Video

Digital marketing expert James McQuivey has found that 1 minute of video content has the equivalent value of 1.8 million words. Getting your product video to hit the mark and drive customers to your website is something best left to the experts in video marketing. There are a few basic principles that need to be followed to ensure success:

  • The video needs to be highly visual and auditory. Customers will find it easier to remember than text content.
  • To make them memorable it is vital that you keep them in line with your brand. Keep the colors, voice, fonts and logo the same as your articles and blogs.
  • The video must have a responsive design that will perform well on any given mobile device or browser system.
  • Keep it short and simple. You want to get to the point and keep the customers attention. 56% of video content resulting in purchases in the last year, were where the video was less than 2 minutes long. Videos of around 30 minutes have a customer retention rate of less than 10%.

DIY Verses Hiring A Professional

Producing a video from start to finish may sound like an easy task but have you ever attempted what appeared to be a simple straightforward task and ended up with a substandard result after many frustrating hours? You can record a video on your smartphone or recording device but do you have the lighting, sound levels, directing skills,
editing and dubbing tools that the professionals have, to produce your vision? Do you have hours at your disposal and cash on hand for all those little hidden costs that add up daily? What do you want your target audience to see? Do you want them to see a boring and substandard product or do you want them to be blown away by the sleek professional video and be driven to your website to see more? Allow your marketing video professionals to do the hard work for you, your task is to sit back and enjoy the rewards your professional video will reap.

Digital marketing is no longer up-and-coming. It is here and here to stay. You cannot afford to be left behind. 92% of customers share videos they have enjoyed and your video could have the potential to go global. Dream big, then hire the professionals to help you fulfill your dream.

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