The Importance of Story-telling in Video Production

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Enhance Your Story with Video Production in Chicago

We all have a story we can share. We can talk about our experiences and connect with others on different levels when we share a story. Like an artist with a brush, or a sculptor and their hands, business professionals can tell their story through their art of video production.

Why is Story Telling so Important for Your Video Production?
Learning how to effectively reach out to viewers and convey a message is key to good storytelling. By implementing and sharing a story, you encourage the audience to engage and connect with your message on a deeper level. A storyline also makes it easier for people to remember the message being conveyed. If you were to communicate a message only through dry fact and statement, your message will most likely be forgotten. Story telling allows you to evoke emotion within your viewers, catching their attention while they are also being entertained. Effective storytelling is not always easy, but with these tips from our video production team in Chicago, you will be well prepared to begin the task.

How to Create and Tell an Incredible Story through Video Production:

1. Keep Things Short and Simple
Although you may have a big story to tell, you must remember that most people have a very small attention span. The key here is to draw people’s attention within a short time frame. Pull out the key elements of your story, pick the most relevant and exciting moments, and remove what is peripheral information.

2. Identify and Understand Your Audience
Having a good story to tell is not all there is to it; you also need to think of who you want to target your story to. You need to make sure that the story you are telling will be appealing or interesting to your chosen market. For example, if you are aiming at promoting a product for men, you need to focus the storyline to capture the attention of men. Before you build your storyline do the research and consider the kind of story that will appeal to your market and address them on a personal level.

3. Engage with Your Audience
Making use of a storyline is a fantastic way of engaging with your audience. When there is a storyline, no matter how short the production, you are able to express emotions, and inspire your audience by getting them to identify with what they see on screen. It becomes important to grasp the attention and imagination of your viewers by reaching out to them on a “human level”. This way viewers will be more inclined to watch till the end, and therefore respond better to a call to action you may want to employ.

4. Boost Reach
In the past stories where passed on from generation to generation, from one person to the next. As old habits are hard to forget (and because everyone loves a good story), people will more likely share your video with others if it has a storyline, especially ones with a simple narrative.

5. Stimulate Curiosity and Make It Memorable
Play with people’s curiosity and keep them involved in your story. Inspire curiosity with your audience from the start. Ask a question, imply a motive, or hold back on all the facts of your message so that the viewers can’t resist watching it till the end. By stimulating curiosity, you automatically gain the ability to potentially make your story memorable. Creating a memorable video is exactly the outcome you want to achieve. Other ways of making your story memorable is by taking advantage of stunning and simple visual images. Choose simple storytelling techniques to convey your message so that your target audience can remember it easier and act on it.

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