Is Digital Video the Future?

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Marketing in the Modern World

To put it bluntly: yes, it most certainly is. To stay relevant and to engage with the correct audiences, especially here in Chicago, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to have edgier, more focused, and more intriguing content. With less people watching television and more people retrieving their information and marketing campaigns across the world wide web, it is vital to know where to advertise on the net, how to do it, and to know who your potential clients are when creating a marketing video production.

Videos are now the most shared and popular forms of content found online. and marketing analysts have estimated that a whopping seventy-five percent of the media content currently found on the web is in video format. Its allure is unsurprising in our image-driven and visual world which is what makes it a particularly successful form of advertising. Marketing videos are able to engage with consumers and customers in a way that photographs and written adverts cannot.

Needless to say, one of the best ways to market your brand is through a marketing video spearheaded by an experienced video production company. Keeping ahead of the trends, anticipating different target market needs, and understanding your target market’s humor is all part and parcel of surviving in an increasingly digitized world.

2016 statistics stated that 73% of business-to-consumer companies are prioritizing the creation of more engaging content, while 55% are focusing entirely on creating visual content such as videos. What can we glean from this? If your company isn’t creating more engaging and visual content—there are plenty of other companies that are.

Our modern-day society, so fueled by the satisfaction of instant-gratification, makes it much harder for companies to stand out and to snag and maintain the right audience and customer-base. More so, having access to this kind of marketing video production intel in-house is proving too costly and time consuming for companies and brands to do on their own. Running a successful marketing campaign not only requires a thorough understanding of video marketing across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but on other popular and engaging platforms such as YouTube and SnapChat.

This is where marketing video production companies come in handy and are proving to be exceedingly useful marketing tools. Specializing in online and digital content, and armed with a thorough understanding of varied audiences and target markets – video production companies are becoming increasingly important for brands who want to engage with the modern and digitized generation. From the basics to the nitty gritty, choosing the correct marketing video production company can mean the difference between the success and failure of your campaign.

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