What You Need to Know about Video Marketing

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Video Marketing Production is Chicago’s Biggest Trend

Videos are currently the most popular and sharable content online, meaning it’s time to focus all energies on marketing video production. Chicago has a competitive scene when it comes to marketing, video production, and innovative ways of combining the two. According to some analysists, this will account for nearly 70% of all consumer Internet traffic, so it’s time to get a head start. The best productions, with tangible results for brand reach and increased company revenue, include a few essential strategies. The video marketing scene is a fast-paced game – don’t fall behind.

These top five data-driven tips for effective marketing video will give you the upper hand:

Get Personal!
That’s, right, content should be directed at the individual. How do you achieve this? Well, you need to customize the video so that the information it contains is unique and tailor-made to each individual viewer. Examples of this technique include things like an ad for website development that showcases images from the individual’s existing website (including a thumbnail is a great way to attract a click-through). Simpler still, a mention of the individual or company name during the production adds an important personal touch.

Sound like more effort that it’s worth? Research shows that users are 16 times more likely to click through to personalized content than normal versions, something all marketers are going to start to realize. Another advantage to this strategy is that the customization allows not only for a great experience for the customer, but truly groundbreaking insight into consumer preferences and interests through tracking user interactions.

Include Interactive Features
Clicking, swiping, and interacting online is a big trend. From simple website click-through, to games, or even “choose-your-own-adventure”, this is an exciting and creative marketing strategy. Get creative with a content journey that your viewers can really engage with. And, it’s an easy way to convert leads. Once again, you’ll have lots of valuable consumer analytics to collect too, making the ROI more visible.

Keep it Short
Deliver the message in a clear, concise way. 60 seconds is sometimes all you need. Usually, you should never exceed three minutes, or you’ll lose meaningful engagement, even when communicating product demonstrations, for example. Creating a series of shorter videos stored in a playlist is more effective.

Distribute Across Multiple Platforms
Today, YouTube has lost its position as a power-house for video storage. Now Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also important channels. You can even house video content on your company website to increase traffic. The take-away point here is to choose a distribution that suits your brand. Take advantage of the new technologies and platforms available, but be aware of limitations, for example Flash Player is not viewable on some Apple devices. Remember to design font and image sizes with mobile users in mind as well.

Content is Key
Simply put, a good script makes a good production. It can be inexpensive, as long as the content is interesting and relevant. Stimulate your audience with a well thought-out experience that they won’t forget. Consider what is best for you to showcase the brand’s personality. Videos should tell a story, or explain how to solve a problem. Maybe they’ll take the audience behind the scenes of the product manufacture process, or give an insider rewards like a discount or free trial (remember links should be clickable and interactive). Whatever you choose, it should fit in with your broader marketing strategy, too.

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