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Video production companies

The common misconception about video production companies is that they only offer post production services for large video productions, and this is simply not the case. Many companies offer both post and pre-production services for all kinds of video, be it a large-scale movie, a small Instagram promotion or a live broadcast.

How Do I Benefit From Pre-Production Services?

Getting help before you even begin to record is the best way to get the best video possible. A video production company can consult on your video idea and will help you create your vision as honestly as you’ve imagined it in your head. The company can continue to assist you in fleshing out your vision by creating storyboards, editing, and developing scripts and budgeting for any graphics you might need.

Once your project has been developed and you know what you want to do, a video production company can help get everything ready for filming. Whether it’s getting filming equipment and crew, to finding on screen talent, and the larger tasks such as location scouting, acquiring permits and insurance and archiving rights and permits, will all be done for you and you can still get final say on the project, so it continues to live up to your vision. If you intend on doing a live broadcast, sound engineers will be brought in to constantly monitor and make adjustments so your audio is always as clear as possible. A director will also oversee the entire project making sure the broadcast always shows the best of the footage being captured and can quickly change cameras should things become undesirable.

But I Don’t Make High Budget Videos

So, you’re more into web videos for social media or you are a budding entrepreneur and you would like to make a video for investors or to welcome new employees? No matter what your budget is, or what equipment you have available to you, getting advice from a production company can give you the edge over your competition.

Consulting with a director from a production company allows you to get the most out of what you have. It also gets the most out of your budget by giving their opinions on how to best use the lighting available to you, identifying noises that should be minimized during recording, such as AC units and fridges, and advising your on-screen talent on their wardrobe, body language, tone and movement. In some cases, they can even show you the best way and location for a makeshift green screen so that editing in graphics becomes easier.

What Is Post Production?

Post Production is anything done to the video once the recording is finished. Let’s use the example of someone who makes weekly five-minute-long web videos. Editing several hours of footage down to five minutes and making sure the commentary matches what’s being said, to editing out noise or simply adding an intro at the beginning or a special thanks at the end is all post production. Video editing is much more than just splicing together pieces of footage together. Editors are often left with the task of fixing colors, fixing recording errors, and ensuring your video is as pleasant to look at as possible. So, whether you’re an amateur film maker, or a known professional, getting the right post production talent can make the difference between your video being laborious to watch and it being engaging and a joy to watch.

If you have any questions on how The Michael Group can help you with your video needs, or should you require any help for your next Instagram video or multimillion dollar movie, we have some of this best video talent in our team who would be ecstatic to work on your next project.

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