What is Video Marketing and How to Make it Work for You

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Media Production: Making Use of Video Marketing

What is video marketing?
Video marketing involves the use of videos in your marketing campaigns, whether you are promoting your company, products, or service. This form of marketing, which typically includes customer testimonials, videos showing live events, tutorial videos, etc., is fast becoming a necessity for any successful campaign. There are several reasons for this:

  • videos are far more engaging than text, making them more effective
  • videos can cause the customers to form an emotional connection with the product
  • customers are likely to stay longer on a webpage which has a video
  • videos boost conversion rates i.e. customers are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen a video
  • videos boost your SEO

How to make video marketing work for you
Video marketing comes in all shapes and sizes and there are several strategies you can adopt to ensure that yours is a success. In order to develop an appropriate strategy, you first need to conduct some market research, competitive analysis and determine your target market. Once you have these insights, it is highly beneficial to approach a media production company who can help you bring your vision to life. Below is a useful list of things to consider:

1. What does your audience need?
Aside from determining your target market, you will also need to think about what need your product is fulfilling and in what way a video can assist your customers in realizing this need.

2. Titles and keywords
Because there is so much content out there today, you need to find some way to attract potential customers into watching your video. Interesting titles and strong keywords go a long way in achieving this. It is also important to always link your videos to your social media posts and marketing emails. This will help spread the message.

3. Using different types of videos
There are many ways you can go about in creating a video for marketing purposes. You can make use of a tutorial video which is usually in a ‘how-to’ format. Testimonial videos is another option and can help build your credibility by inviting third parties to comment on the effectiveness or quality of your product. You could also create story-telling videos which allow your audience to become familiar with the people behind the business. Depending on your business, these types of videos can be mixed and matched until you find the most effective combination for your purposes.

4. Campaigns
Starting a multi-video campaign can be a great way to keep your customers invested in your content. You can do this by releasing multiple videos over a period of time that are all related to one topic. It is important to make sure that the time periods between the releases of the videos are neither too long, so as to allow customers to lose interest, nor too short, so as to prevent a good build-up of excitement.

5. Keep it fun
Video marketing can go a long way toward boosting your sales, especially when it is fun and humorous. Your videos should be an accurate reflection of the personality and image you wish to associate with your business.

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