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Online Video Marketing Will Change Media Production

By the end of 2016 analysts agree that over seventy-five percent of media content on the internet will be videos. Video, as a visual storytelling medium, has always been very effective at connecting with people and triggering emotions. This is why it has not only been the favored means of advertising, but also the most expensive. In the past, only large, leading businesses could afford the luxury of filmed advertisements, intended to air on television. However, the modern internet has changed this and now just about anybody can create online video content and reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Online video marketing is the future for Chicago media production businesses, but with this new marketing territory comes some new rules. Each online media and social platform, be it Instagram or Youtube, have spoken and unspoken rules as to the types of content which is preferred and shared in the community. Video production companies need to be aware of these ‘guidelines’ and create and share media content accordingly. It is no longer considered effective to use one online media platform and not others; nowadays, effective online marketing stretches across platforms and is a fusion of different media. Due to very impactful online video marketing campaigns in the past, there is a high standard for this visual medium on the internet. Videos are no longer simply adverts, but must also tell a story to connect with the audience.

Where to begin?
As mentioned above, a successful online video marketing campaign will aim to have iterations on several online media platforms, either simultaneously or in a logical progression. Before creating the actual content it’s recommended that businesses draw out a longer-term plan for their marketing campaign, possibly beyond the first few months of the project. This will ensure that video content is released and shared at good time intervals, and on the right media platform. Not every video marketing campaign will work on every platform: it will be prudent for marketers to become familiar with the most popular content on a range of different internet sites, and decide how to shape each video or piece of multimedia to suit the platform. For example, if the first video of the campaign is a short funny cartoon to grab attention, short video sharing platforms like Vine or Snapchat would probably be the best option to start with. On the other hand, if the first video is a longer, cinematic-style documentary, then Facebook or Youtube would be the best fit.

Telling a story
Successful online video marketing campaigns have, in the past, featured a consistent element across a range of productions and online media platforms. This practice of consistency has allowed online videos to tell stories; extended narratives that become familiar to web users. Telling a story can be as simple as using the same narrator for each piece of content, and giving them a personality and back-story that develops over time. A story can be more complex, such as a shared ‘universe’ across a range of different online media platforms: characters, music, and aesthetics would all be linked to the marketing intentions of the business. Whatever the wider plans of your online marketing campaign, the most important thing to remember is to pay careful attention to the needs of the online communities you have targeted for a video campaign.

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