Category: Video Production Tips

4th May
location scouting

Location Scouting: Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Production

Productions can range from jet setting stops to different cities or countries or it could be an opportunity to find the perfect scene, closer to…

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2nd Mar
virtual reality

How Does Virtual Reality Work

Generally, when someone mentions Virtual Reality (VR) the first thing which probably comes to your mind is computer games. This isn’t the case anymore as…

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23rd Feb
marketing video production

Up Your Marketing Video Production Game With These Top Tips

It seems everywhere you look, you see more and more people are talking about using videos in your marketing campaign. It makes sense if you…

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16th Feb
Video Production Chicago

Best Lighting Tips For Chroma Key Video Production

Chroma Keying is a widely used post-production video editing technique. Even though you may not notice it Chroma Keying is often used in most movies,…

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9th Feb
commercial production

Producing A Good Commercial For Your Brand

When it comes to commercial production, every second of your commercial should be keeping your brand in mind. I had a poetry lecturer once who…

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2nd Feb
web videos

Web Videos vs. Television Production

Almost everything about television video production differs from the production of web videos. They are by and large completely different operations, and up to now…

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26th Jan
training videos

What Makes A Good Training Video

Making a training video must be a simple task, right? It is merely putting together necessary learning material in a visual format. It is up…

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17th Jan
media production

How Google’s Video Preview Affects Your Media Production

The internet is buzzing with news of Google’s new video preview function. We’ve all searched for a video and clicked on one thinking it had…

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5th Jan
branding videos

Improve Storytelling for More Effective Branding Videos

Branding and marketing use a number of techniques to strengthen the brand of a business. Storytelling allows your clients feel connected to the company on…

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15th Dec
video pre-production

Video Pre-Production Meetings – What To Expect?

You’ve got the film idea that is going to be the next great Sundance Film Festival nominee, or become a pop culture hit, and you’ve…

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1st Dec
Video Content

Video Content vs. Written Content

The age of technology is upon us, and video content is increasingly being preferred over and above written content. Video content allows your target group…

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27th Oct
video production techniques

Video Production: Techniques For Filming Interviews

Filming an interview is an incredibly intricate performance. There is a lot of set up and post production, but all of it hinges on the…

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