The Difference Between Filming for Video Production and Live Studio Production

video-production-chicagoThe Michael Group is a Chicago-based full service media production company that has more than three decades of experience in video production. In addition to their video production experience, they also have experience in live studio production.

While both these types of productions involve cameras and video, in the end they are very different…both in preparation and in execution.

Video Production

Video production generally consists of three stages: Pre-production, Production and Post-Production, allowing the creators to plan out the entire process.

In pre-production, the concept, ideas and messaging is created and planned-out. From that point, you can go on to do script research and development, storyboarding, budgeting, planning for timelines, location scouting, booking talent and crew, booking necessary interviews, and obtaining the necessary rights and clearances for production, as well as additional planning.

Once you are through with pre-production, you will slide into the production phase, where you actually obtain all of the necessary footage for your video project. This may require field and/or studio producing, conducting interviews, B-roll shooting, directing, preparing props and costumes, makeup and hair, designing sets, cinematography, sound production and so much more. Most of the planning for the production phase will have been done in pre-production, leaving just the execution to be completed.

The final stage of video production is post-production. This is where all of the footage that was obtained in the production phase is edited, put together and completed in a way that delivers the client’s message. Post-production includes, but is not limited to, offline and online editing, color correction, graphics, animation, audio, and music scoring.

Live Studio Production

Live studio production is different than video production because the entire production is recorded for live television, or the event itself is recorded live, in order to be broadcast in that format. Generally live studio production will be recorded in a studio made for this type of production.

Rather than adding any additional effects, sharpening the picture, or editing for pacing in the post-production stage, as with video production, you have to make sure the set is exactly how you need it during live studio production. If you do want to add anything extra to the raw video image (such as images, intro and outro sequences, or straps along the bottom of the screen with pertinent information), it has to be done during the broadcast in the production control room – quite a difficult task for the inexperienced.

In addition to having the correct set, you will need to have at least one professional camera set up, microphones, proper lighting, video monitors, and a production control room. During the live studio production, there is a crew working in both the control room and on the studio floor. The production itself will include the talent, a director, a floor manager, camera operators, and a teleprompter operator, if necessary.

There is no post-production in live studio production, as there is in video production. The final product is delivered live, with no room for errors or fixes. The pre-production phases are essential for both video and live studio production, but it is absolutely imperative for live studio production, as you have to make sure the production stage goes off without a hitch. There are no second chances to get it right.

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